It’s all about the wire

begging, only money to think about – a child caring for a child in poverty

No One Cares About Your Blog

"No offense" means "I'm about to insult you,but don't get mad." – by KingEly (Ely)

LMFAOO' RT @freshcharlieb #somethingaintright if u cant even make it in the sims not to talk about real life – by addy__daddy (Adeola A.)

@lala @serenawilliams don't b 2 sad think about all of us who wish we could go and need to go but can't! teeth are soo imprtnt!! :)by FINESTBearFan (Maria)

@JayTweetingLi lol tell me about it – by alaricchoo (Alaric Choo)

@KingMidas74 I disagree bruh. couldn't care less about sports. But I feel the same way u feel abt sports, but with a passion for autos. – by manofcivility (Terry L)

http://bit.ly/cDbGHX < why Rihanna saying she is tired of talking about Chris is a lie. – by Bamablogunite (Bama blog Unite)

And this is my song about lisa marie – by Sm0keeRobinson (Francisco Rodriguez)

Say what you will about Allison Dubois, but I want her on BH Housewives as a regular character. #ElectronicCigarette #EggSlut #PsychicFailby RaganFox (Ragan Fox)

If u are constanly told bad things about yourself by different ppl who are completely unafilliated then #somethingaintrightby FUK_IT_IM_BASED (Jalen Newton)

@TeamAlexMercer Does he know about it? – by APreludeToMore (more or less)

about half an hour till Music Bank!!! – by iammayky (MayKy ♥ Jinki)

I've been daydreaming a lot lately about my future mini-me's . .cant tell how old I am in the dreams tho. .this scares me #Cantwaitbutnotyetby phenomenal_K (Kevin DeL Young)

@YouSeeMeHDi got da red & black joints i aint know about da grey joints – by SlimeShawtyy85 (Ian Jones)

About man

Still Panicking about swine flu!
@jaimelondonboy U and your pictures actually make me excited about London! – by sa7arfarooq (Seher Farooq)

Learn more about #careers and what it is like 2 #work at #Chandler #Regional? Visit http://bit.ly/chandleraz #Jobs #Az @chandlerregjobsby CHWArizonaJobs (CHW ARIZONA)

RT @Tmoreworld: Just finished performing now meeting in the lobby of our hotel…about 2 go out with #CBFam#Leggggooo!! – by TasteMYCookies_ (Jasmine Brown ♡)

RT @sarahksilverman: Also, the heartbreaking shame you have of age is why your daughter doesn't dream about her future – by menamiranda (karlyMM)

RT @Tiara_Thomas: it's not all about the sex, but i can't marry someone without knowing if they can shut it down or not – by breagenius (Serena van der Wood)

RT @mruef: I've read so much bull about infosec this morning on Tages-Anzeiger. My ass, no wonder news papers are dying! #nerdrageby stfn42 (Stefan Friedli)

It's all about professionalism behavior. People keep watching each other from the way of talk, act, think and respond or any else :)by Aiailie (Aiai Lie)

@KeashaSade2014 yea it does but I'm about to hit the sack nite nite – by _Doingme4now (Destinee West)

RT @1JNance: RT @DrumMajorsATL: @1JNance Frankie about 2 drop it . http://twitpic.com/2quh3o < I love Frankie. Im one step closer 2 keisha . yes»lmao – by DrumMajorsATL (Drum Majors ATL)

RT @benjaminmadden: If U think about it, Santa is kind of a hipster. Beard, old clothes, only goes2the mall once a year, keeps a list if who's cool&who's not – by samantharonson (samantha ronson)

Trying to let you know just how I really feel about you. && since I met you I don't think I wanna live without you.:)) – by KLC_ThatsMeee (Kimberly LaShay :))

Seriously Ole talking about beating up hipsters made my night. – by rottincore (Matt S)

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