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This is about as round as you can get

What’s it all about……351/365

@JASMINEVILLEGAS please look at this. It's a poem about you JAMINO. http://tl.gd/7gakdu #4by IrishJasminator (Verified Jasminator)

@CM0NEYDAGREAT If you have Any questions about www.myfavoritebeats.com then please #follow and ask @chillboogie or contact him through his s – by BooGie_OR_DIE (BooGie or Die)

With the departure of Julian, Anonymous Be together and talk about the attacks and see if we will continue. #wikileaks #payback #op_anonby Op_anon (Operation Payback)

I hate reading these celebrity interviews where they talk about going to Africa and they're like, "Dude, Africa is hard." No. Fucking. Duh. – by BJMendelson (Brandon Mendelson)

It surprises me that some people have the nerve to be so insensitive during this time for me. Making comments about their needs/wants. – by marianerae (Mariane Garcia)

For those of you who wanted to see me in nothing but gold paint: your wishes are about to come true. – by JFly99 (John Flynn)

@artman57 The #ACEAward companies are all working hard to further innovation and exemplary practices. Read about them: http://bit.ly/fBOTtGby EconEngage (José W. Fernandez )

@TracypMakeup It's all about being warm and comfortable. Not cute and freezing cold!! Winter weather is not for runway fashion!! – by EloiNation (Natasha Eloi)

#CollegeTaughtMe / #Promotion taught me all yall people better not ever talk about other ppl wen yall cnt pay 20 dollars for a party – by brobenson (Brandon Robenson)

Just to clear the confusion, here's what Uthaymeen rahimullah says about Ashura – by M_Ullah (Mushood)

send me your best tweets about any of 1D, and i'll RT the best ones:) xxx – by LTomlinsonARMY (Gabbi Tomlinson)

@kelsey_feed drama it's all about the drama – by Miss_JennJenn (Jenny M)

I'm learning so much about drinking from my coworkers.Techniques,etc. Oh ps my new years resolution is to drink more.I have so much to learn – by merib (meri)

what we talk about when we talk about love

Cactus Bud, About to Bloom
@katzj Did you see Chris LaLancette's "Oz" guest install project? He posted an announcement about it on the Fedora cloud list last week. – by jonmasters (Jon Masters)

Great blog post about a WWII Navy Cross recipient: http://navymemorial.ibelong.com/site/Navy-Log/2428/The-Navy-Log-Blog-Post-Here-by NavyMemorial (Navy Memorial)

Why do you speak so badly about men? — I do? Didn't know about that. I guess, for the same reason that I "speak s… http://4ms.me/fd8RWEby NikkiBlak (NikkiBlak)

Working on freelance, making up my mind about what to do in the following year. – by inkskratch (Eric Kim)

@dimitrimckay what about magic? – by indi303 (indi303)

RT @missglamorazzi: new @birchbox video is up! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zNpTnr2kOqU super excited about the holiday goodies – by birchbox (birchbox)

Obama lied about everything he was going to give the suckers that voted for that fool. He gave them nothing. But massive DEBT. #cspj #tcotby OBAMA_GAMES (BIG GUNS)

people just love spreading shit about me don't they? – by erincharlotte (Erin)

hmmmmm – Online flirting: it's all about lip service http://yhoo.it/egzEzzby RManning_Mynt (Ronnie Manning)

@danesanders @joephotorocks is one of the nicest guys in the business, and about as real as they get. Glad you have him on today. – by JenBebb (JenBebb)

Gash, nooo. like, when i'm about to go to sleep my guinea pig starts to scream and eat. yippeyyy. not. lol – by BieberPotato (tha cookie humper (;)

@danwho My greatest fear! You're okay, though, good! Anyone there to help you, gym peeps worried about insurance claims? – by ridgeley (Carol May)

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