Tea Party in Wash DC

CHDT Corporation (CHDO): Up 30% at .009 and L2 looks good lucyintheskyih (lucyinthesky IHUB)

$ LEHJQ : LEHJQ LEHMAN getting some attention today. IHub_StockPosts (IHub_StockPosts)

Pro Day Traders : PIVX.0305 Up 500+% today, sweet!! ProDayTrader (Stephen Temple)

$ TGC : Woooo!
TGC looking good, too! IHub_StockPosts (IHub_StockPosts)

$ ZLUS : ZLUS on the move, get in now while there is still time ! IHub_StockPosts (IHub_StockPosts)

$ ITMN : ITMN nHOD up 146%. Z IHub_StockPosts (IHub_StockPosts)

$ NNAN : NNAN -.0041 2 left then .005 IHub_StockPosts (IHub_StockPosts)

$ APXR : APXR Annotated Chart

My personal opinion, and opinion only – this is not a reccomendation merely wha IHub_StockPosts (IHub_StockPosts)

$ REAL : Well I have been in some real dogs and some real winners. And in some that went thru buyouts and NDA. But this IHub_StockPosts (IHub_StockPosts)


Really good teamwork today, RoboTrader! I like it!


Herbert IHub_StockPosts (IHub_StockPosts)

$ FIND : FIND 0022, 0015 x0024


Website: http://www.fin IHub_StockPosts (IHub_StockPosts)

$ ZERO : Official Press Release

BOOM! Studios' all-time bestselling title STAN LEE’S SOLDIER ZERO gets a cha IHub_StockPosts (IHub_StockPosts)

$ ITMN : Would love to have some more stocks like ITMN! IHub_StockPosts (IHub_StockPosts)

$ FREE : Certain people in this company have self serving needs and don't give two chits about its shareholders. The r IHub_StockPosts (IHub_StockPosts)

$ SDVI : Nice post except for the fact that you failed to mention PENNY RABBITS and of cour IHub_StockPosts (IHub_StockPosts)

$ IGSM : IGSM could get going here mm's lining up at .002 and above~ IHub_StockPosts (IHub_StockPosts)

$ EIGH : Even on public board, people still hide behind anonymity. I think the conversation would sound a little differ IHub_StockPosts (IHub_StockPosts)

$ SDIR : here comes the SDIR buying! 😉 already lost 3 Market Makers with only 7 million shares. IHub_StockPosts (IHub_StockPosts)

$ IGSM : IGSM 14's hitting, 16's on deck, Vol 14.7M ..

222M Float – Unchanged! 😀 IHub_StockPosts (IHub_StockPosts)

$ LFBG : LFBG looking hot! .005 looks ultra thin.
imo. IHub_StockPosts (IHub_StockPosts)

$ KHZM : KHZM Tanking more … – On Watch IHub_StockPosts (IHub_StockPosts)

Pro Day Traders : PIVX.028's from.0044 Signal 'sweet' ProDayTrader (Stephen Temple)

$ PASO : PASO.0106 IHub_StockPosts (IHub_StockPosts)


AriGold212's My Stocks Page Tilabout (Tilabout)

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