Agile – AD3000

Agile – AL3000

Agile – AL3000

@davidjbland Love the idea of Agile Coaches for Startups! – by menloinnovation (Lisamarie @ Menlo)

¿Eres un Coach Agil? ¿Quieres serlo? Apuntate al Agile Coaches Gathering en Madrid #acmadby edenmadrid (Eden Madrid)

#Agile #Careers Sr. Project Manager – Stratus – AGILE – Atlanta, GA: Your responsibilities will include: author… Agile_Careers (Agile Careers)

@n_yana @agile_cat とふと思いまして。御徒町さんには恐れ多くて聞けませんw – by maestroV01 (INITIAL S.)

@n_yana @agile_cat お二人は情報発信されてるので、ご自分の「発言」の「所有/所在」って気にならないのかなぁと。まぁTLで流れるので「言った言わない」になりやすいですが、「肖像画/商標」とかのように「唯一無二」を特定できると思っているので>twitter – by maestroV01 (INITIAL S.)

@chrismclay But doesn't the Agile definition appear just to be, ahem, an ignorant misuse of the word?… (see any dictionary) – by chrismbr (Chris Rodda)

RT @samlaing: This is awesome! Pre-school kanban in action #agileby business901 (business901)

@n_yana @agile_cat 唐突にすみません。ついったーの発言って「権利」みたいのってあるのですかね。公式RTはまぁいいですが、Yahooトピとかで引っ張られたりするとかあると、「おい、そんなことしてくれるな、俺のだ」と主張できるのでしょうか。(続 – by maestroV01 (INITIAL S.)

@YuriBabo bzook2010 RT markhneedham: RT ponnappa: There. IBM will show you how to be agile. RT joshprice LOL thepaealvsswt (johana peralta)

Prins Bernhard predikt het Agile ict-evangelie #nukomtallesgoed *ding* – by grimmweb (Hans Grimm)

#boudou #moyano #devido chevrolet va a facturar como loco con esta mafia. Korsas para todos. Agile no porque se prende fuego. – by TomasFSanchez (Tomas F. Sanchez)

Re: Trainee in ruby on rails need some help: I agree, Agile Web Development with Rails is a very good source. I'… rails_gg (RoRTalk GoogleGroup )

敏捷咨询工具箱(一)──读书写代码活动: 在我们咨询过程中,遇到一些开发技术很薄弱的团队,大部分人只会通过复制和粘贴的方式写代码,然后花费大量的时间进行修改和调试。有些开发人员还只是刚刚从学校毕业,几乎没有什么开发经验。面对… DavidDuanRss (DavidDuanRss)

Agile antechinus

Agile – AL3000
It Isn't "Safe" Being an Agile Business Analyst @batimes batimes (BA Times)

Project #Startup Activities are Key to Success in Both #Agile and Traditional Approaches #pmotby Doolphy_News (Doolphy Project Mgmt)

Teknisk it-projektleder til Folketinget: – It projektleder med erfaring i agile metoder, data-integration og dep… itjobbankdk (it-jobbank)

RT @Fabrice_Rault: “@Ackwa: Développement – seulement 36 % des projets livrés dans les délais :”by Boldtintin (olivier laurent)

RT @samlaing: This is awesome! Pre-school kanban in action #agileby PostItProjects (Tony Askew)

RT @samlaing: This is awesome! Pre-school kanban in action #agileby DavidJBland (David J Bland)

Wir lieben Vielfalt und zähmen Komplexität: Neuer Imagefilm erklärt #V-Modell und agile #Entwicklungsmethoden #scrumby ECKELMANN_AG (ECKELMANN AG)

Findings reveal biggest barrier to #agile adoption was the ability to change organizational culture PostItProjects (Tony Askew)

Survey says: Scrum or Scrum variants were by far the most common #agile methodologies employed PostItProjects (Tony Askew)

今年も既にそうだったような… RT @KenTamagawa: アジャイルxクラウドxモバイルが、2011の大きなムーブメントになるのは間違いない。これを、頭文字をとって、ACMと呼ぶことにしようかな。 #jawsug #agile #cloud #mobileby terrasato (佐藤秀哉(Hideya Sato))

Release Management Software aids Agile development, delivery. SupplyChainMgt (SCM Eqentia News)

RT @derekhuether: Today is a great day! 2 new blogs in #agile . Check out @agilemeister and @bendre saugustine (Sanjiv Augustine)

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