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Mocha backup dancer6


@katiejryan rbay 2-6 days deliv. The battery was fully charged so I should be ok but backups are necessary! – by reddusfoximus (Pam Chvotkin)

Fijn, weer een aangesloten en werkende iMac. Leve Timemachine backups :)by geertbooster (Geert Booster)

GauchoSpace is back up for the day. next downtime, monday @10am. 50% success on backups. – by gauchospace (Steve Miley)

Taking a fantasy football gamble today by benching Dwayne Bowe and starting Earl Bennett. (My backups are Amendola & Williams [SEA]). – by charlesrotblut (Charles Rotblut, CFA)

snow storm took out the power last night, but the surge protection and battery backups prevented any damage! cheers to a good investment! – by songwritersyn (SongwriterSynergy)

I was able to complete the backups of 1 of the 2 key servers. 2nd server so big, it wasn't going to finish in time, will reschedule. – by gauchospace (Steve Miley)

@JosiahBrooks Get a EXTERNAL USB Hard Drive to make backups. They arent expensive – by osukaanimation (Oscar Eduardo Díaz)

@a_caarol 100% formatação e backups, ahahah – by ceeh_moreira (Cezar Moreira)

Quem os excluiu? O próprio provedor… (eu mesmo estou preocupado em ser confundido – fiz trocentos backups) – by JuslaboralNet (Juslaboral.Net)

@blog4mac Du machst nur Sonntags Backups? 😀 – by apfelstart (apfelstart)

…dandelions, friends, church windows, Ultravox, cork, spellcheckers, backups, tempests, bandages, The Walking Dead, dongles, rubber… – by FoxxVox (Cromlech)

@Roodmeisje i have great backups, and friends who will help me – by michel35hhw (Mikie de B)

RT @TeamJungle: "Hitachi AP25 code complete, AP25 backups booting successfully, Hitachi AP25 fw now in testing" – by MagicMarc77 (Marc K.)

New home NAS and backup rig

No backup, no lunch
@Jamchb backupsby Dyii95 (Dominic Y)

RT @LiLiTaLiaNbeLLa: Ladies, guys like to lead girls on so they always have backups. Don't be used. You are a PRIORITY, not an OPTION. – by Da1stBossBitch (Samantha Crump)

Managed to free 10gigs just by deleted old iPad and iPod backups. AT LEAST!! – by juiceee (Justine)

Transfering to phatipod. phuhh. will have to work off the network + find a usb key 4 backupsby mattytoscale (mathieu)

Shutting down GauchoSpace for backups, we're hoping to finish sooner than our 11am estimate. maybe up by 8-8:30am. – by gauchospace (Steve Miley)

RT @TeamJungle: "Hitachi AP25 code complete, AP25 backups booting successfully, Hitachi AP25 fw now in testing" – by juanmazila (Juan Manuel Campos)

All my desktops are doing end of year backups. At least I get a rest for an hour this weekend. – by TweetingBenners (Andrew Benfield)

From LiveDrive Blog: Tutorial: Easily managing your backups with Livedrive backupblog (backuponlineblog)

And they're AWESOME! RT @fredvanlente I'll be doing backups in @DanSlott's wonderful ASM in January (with the redoubtable @Reilly_Brown). – by DanSlott (Dan Slott)

When are they going to give you your own Spider-man bo… — Thx! I'll be doing backups in @DanSlott's wonderful AS… fredvanlente (Fred Van Lente)

RT @TeamJungle: "Hitachi AP25 code complete, AP25 backups booting successfully, Hitachi AP25 fw now in testing" – great work! – by Complex360 (Complex)

Preciso limpar o computador, mas cadê a coragem. Vai q acontece algo c minha tese. rs. (ela tem backups em pendrive, CD, DVD, googledocs) – by angelabraz_Arq (Angela Napoleão Braz)

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