Fios Power Supply and Battery Backup

Wireless Backups using Time Machine and Airport Express?

Two part Disaster Recovery Best Practices Webinar Series this week! Including 2-hr DR Wrkshp & VM Backups with #vRanger QuestVirt (QuestVirt)

@Studdeddenim you are quite welcome! Its a lifesaver for backups of important stuff, I know it all too well. – by calebhunt (Caleb Hunt)

Website Backup Software, FTP Backup Tool, MySQL Backups | SiteVault – vityokr (vic)

Para sua segurança, Tenha o hábito de fazer backups dos seus documentos, sempre. – by harpaonline (harpaonline)

Unlimited ecommerce enabled web hosting with Daily Server Backups – Review/coupon- #wordpressby hostwise (SUDHIR S JAIN)

@mfatta7 I see, you should learn how to make backups then 😛 – by ircpresident (Mohamed ElGohary)

Nearly blew away years of my boss's email archives. Always confirm your user has backups. – by ryanvis (ryanvis)

@hovaskog restoring a server from backups, then I think I'm going to be doing that. I had a snooze on the office floor for 30min though. – by Interpipes (Interpipes)

@Shonatwits Until our own crashes, we never feel the need for backups. Its very, very common, Sis. Take care. – by thinkoutofbox (S K Modi)

@J0J0HNY Aquí hay varios: #BackupMonday (y más información en – by BytePodcast (David Ochoa B.)

Just finished teaching the 2nd half of my lesson. The batteries went out even though the charger said fully charged. Good thing 4 backups! – by nicoleb83 (Nicole Baker)

Finishing weekend backups. Confucious say – business who make regular backups happy business come disaster. – by rainydaydana (Dana)

I'm a bit upset that my 500GB external hard drive for backups has an unfixable corrupted filing system. >.< – by polence (Jerry Polence)

flickr backup in action

Dr. Roxxo’s backup dancer
@jeremiahg I was surprised when reading the readme.txt on pastebin. Gnosis deleted the databases and backups, they claimed, but site was up. – by bitserve (Mark Adams)

Hosting backup queue: This is a simple module for the Aegir project that allows scheduling of backups. It is des… drupalthemer (Abhishek Kumar)

@dvigs create backups before switching themes…then go to different themes. – by AngDroid (AngDroid)

Eindelijk bezig met de fundamenten…. Autmatische backups regelen van de servers… Leuk werk. – by aquive (Akif Gümüssu)

Okc needs to deal jeff green for a shooter, start ibaka, and add a couple of backups but they close though. – by InvictusSkye4 (Joshua Yarbrough)

@ChrisYoung10 Man, that's rough. Did you have any backup off your computer? I've no idea why it would wipe all your backups… – by jwcousins (James W. Cousins)

@wmoogle OTL I mostly have my backups saved, thank god there are no Road doujins or I'd be saving them all ><~ – by kickachu ( Pastry Princess)

@Heresy_Corner shit, any info as to who? can the suppliers restore it from backups? – by mr_ceebs (mr_ceebs)

@Heresy_Corner shit, that's rather nasty. No backups? – by Al__S (Al)

Oh no…Are there backups?RT @Heresy_Corner: It would seem that Heresy Corner has been hacked into and completely destroyed. Sorry folks. – by gregpycroft (Greg Pycroft)

#Palermo needs EXPERIENCED midfielder backups for Migliaccio & Nocerino. Loaning Kasami & bringing in Kurtic is the wrong move IMO. – by PalermoOffside (Palermo Offside)

@mfatta7 You can't make backups with BB? – by ircpresident (Mohamed ElGohary)

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