Big Bang Theory

big bang theory new season
Big Bang Theory

Jim Parsons, Kaley Cuoco (The Big Bang Theory)
Big Bang Theory

Simon Helberg, Kunal Nayyar (The Big Bang Theory)
Big Bang Theory

Cant wait to see tonigths Big Bang Theory with @KaleyCuoco and e.p. @billpradyby TCristiH (Cristi Hartmann)

The big bang theory.. – by Geoffreyy_ (Geoffrey Van Beek)

Watching the big bang theory! so funny! will go to sleep right after… #twexitby NathalieCDBosch (Nathalie Bosch)

Right…2 hours to finish Java, before Big Bang Theory. Lets see if I can do that. Maybe get some C done as well 😛 – by YaManicKill (Alistair McKinlay)

Watching Big Bang Theory! – by Iduur (Ruud Spring )

The Big Bang Theory . – by heyytess (Tess B.)

K vind big bang theory best saai. – by DaniellexIrene (Danielle. ♥)

New Kids is master, the big bang theory ook – by ab3lll (abelvlaanderen)

The big bang theory kijken, maar is een avondje rustig aan doen #chillenby Ruben_Brinkman (Ruben Brinkman)

Watching The Big Bang Theoryby Thelma78 (Thelma)

The Big Bang Theoryby janicecheryl (Janice Bakker)

Big Bang Theory kijken!! :) Love it! – by Purfje (Lisaa landkroon)

The big bang theoryby StanleyPH (Stanley Harkink)

The Big Bang Theory panel at Comic Con 2008
Big Bang Theory

The Big Bang Theory – The Creepy Candy Coating Corollary with Wil Wheaton
Big Bang Theory
big bang theoryby killjoysamantha (Samantha)

Big Bang Theoryby Liam__024 (Jerk)

Big bang theory tijd – by Tssa (Tessa S)

The Big Bang Theory – Season 1 & 2 MINT Must READ 1st TBBT_Top (Big Bang Theory Top)

Guardo Big Bang Theory :) #honorsocietydayby heyitsmichela (Michela)

Playing a bit of fifa and cod before the big bang theory comes on :)by TheJay32 (James Philp)

The next Big Bang Theory episode `The Alien Parasite Hypothesis` airs December 9 at 8/7c on CBS via @tbbtsiteby g_russo14 (Gaetano Russo)

@sparkstastic big bang theory…& i'm bored – by syahmiii (syahmi ikhwan)

@KaleyCuoco Hi Kaley-I'm a new follower! Love Big Bang Theory! You all rock! Penny's scenes with Sheldon are my favorites! – by SharonSelnik (Sharon Selnik)

Upload your photo and create a Bangatar for your chance to WIN the ultimate The Big Bang Theory prize. drimmer10 (d rimmer)

Cara, cortar Lucas e Peyton do seriado é como tirar o Sheldon e o Leonard de The Big Bang Theory, ou seja, tirando eles, não resta nada! – by victorhugh41 (Victor Hugo)

heeft weer genoten van een schitterende aflevering van The Big Bang Theory #kapotlachenby driesverlinden (Andries Verlinden)

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