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I thought I heard the shuffle of Angel’s feet.
Blog Daniel Day Lewis
@comicbookchris Sorry did you mean him? madmarvelgirl (Caroline) Daniel DayLewis in Steven #Spielberg s movie about Abraham #Lincoln. #DayLewisby LastTwitOnEarth (LastTwitOnEarth)

Steven Spielberg :) Blog Archive Daniel DayLewis Will Be Steven Spielbergs Abraham Lincoln – by Sarahkbh846 (Andrea Williams)

OHHHH Javierrrrr (Javier Rivera)

Daniel DayLewis Will Be Steven Spielberg's Abraham Lincoln – (via @yahoomovies) Great Choice! LisaMaatz (Lisa Maatz)

Daniel DayLewis as Lincoln, can't wait! @LibraryAmerica desperateGenie (abby)

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