Broken Heart

broken ankle

The Broken Spoke Bus for the Texas Top Hands Western Swing Band

Break on through


If you fall for me, Im not easy to please. I might tear you apart, told you from the start…. Im only break your heart – by NJones_Shawty (N. Jones)

'People say sticks and stones may break your bones but names can never hurt you, but that’s not true. Words can hurt. They hurt me.' – Demi – by iMissDemetria (Demi Fan Account)

#signgrimshawtoday so we can all have a break typing his name over and over again 😉 – by AmberTheQuiff_x (I Love The Quiff.)

Ho bisogno di break da brainstorming … prima di una full immersion nel debriefing: stiamo creando seri problemi alla lingua italiana – by Gio_Ruggiero (Giovanni Ruggiero)

If @sincerely_Missy fronts on me this break something bad is gonna happen & she's gonna be found in pieces #justsayinby madamemels (Melanie Swaffar)

@CHCeramics Well done you! I had a last panic one I was surprisingly able to do the same with! Exhausting though! Time for a break now! – by DottieDesigns (Susan Bonnar)

My back aches, I'm congested, my throat is on fire, and I'm hungry. #lovely Christmas break. Really. – by SprinkleToes88 (Jacqueline F)

RT @TheLoveStories: LOVE = Something amazing, hard to explain, can make your days 10 times better, but can break your heart 10 times worse. – by EnnYYanG (Enny Vellysia Yang)

Give Rex a break… – by shortsaleschgo (Sonia Garnica)

@UnOyouKnO maybe 4 a "smoke break"! Lol heard that joint last nite rah sent it 2 me that shit is tuff!!! Yall held out on me! – by 50winfrey (RAINE)

It's weird I didn't get any homework for Christmas break! well English but only a few exercises and I did them in 5 minutes 😀 – by OMBieberSwagger (fяєиcн тσαѕт ;] † ᵀᴹ)

@LancyTSiby and OMG BREAK IS HERE<333333333 time to party it up with my bunnilicious friend lanceee 😉 – by neenajoyx (Neena Joy)

Hungry… no time to eat during lunch break tho… got shit to do lol – by AMAZiNG_Mi (Mercedez MiMi Harris)

Broken heart

Breaking Wave, Tenerife
Yes! Yes! I'm now ahead of schedule! Break time, then more writing ahead! #theendisnearby EmiHikari (Kayla Copeland)

@tab413 Break? Haha, I'm still grading exams! :)by JeremyLittau (Jeremy Littau)

Can't believe it's already Christmas break………… in 30 minutes anyway – by PaigeSendler (Paige Sendler)

RT @ShortAssDemarco: RT @iSpeaksMyMind: RT @RichAssAJ: "THE BIGGEST CHRISTMAS BREAK BASH PERIOD!!" (cont) JuJu_Xrated (Julian Clark)

@ItzLeFtyBaby i better see you before this break ends. – by IseeMILLZ (Khalimah Najah)

@jasminedevans I called you back LAST NIGHT! I work 12:30-8:30 today. Imm try to call when I'm on break! – by _loveLorae (Renelle)

On break from work.. Rollin doobies up and facin' – by RealBKallday (Brandenn Keylor)

RT @DeborahSerani: How to break self-destructive habits: Great tips! – by jde (JD)

"Its about that time to break up with yo girl if your too cheap to buy her a gift" THE THINGS BOYS SAY smh – by Vickyy_Secrets (Victoria Alyse)

@SabrinaofYork Have a wonderfully indulgent break. – by Way_TooTall (WayTooTall)

@Dough_Literally yeah it must be really late ! But don't you have Christmas break ? – by VampDiaries16 (Gabrielle Lapointe)

on break at dis chinese store ' dis da first time i eva seen ah asian santa lol – by TerribleHaze (Haze Gonjah)

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