Cam’s floating punts

Cam BMX 0817

RT @takkyusc: 卓球サポーターズクラブをフォローして、この記事をRTしてくれた人の中から抽選で5名様に新井卓将技術指導DVDをプレゼント!12/25まで(4) #takkyusc_cam1 #takkyu #pingpongby toyo0317 (とよ)

We now have verified 13 Heisman voters that have excluded Cam Newton entirely from their ballots. stiffarmtrophy (

New crank bushing in cam plate – size?: I had the local dealer press in a new crank bushing in the cam support p… HDForums (HDForums)

Wonder what he hawked his ticket for?? AP: Cam Newton's dad will not attend Heisman ceremony. JimKoepke (Jim Koepke)

@KyleMacNaught yeah. But if money would have been exchanged cam would definitely be ineligible. – by BrittneyAlesha (Brittney Alesha)

GENTE S,APSAS,ÁSL,A~ÇSASMAKLÇSAL[ÇS´~,LS~ÇAM RT @_seriesnews vcs viram o Ian Somerhalder? b.a.b.a.d.o – FrasesTvD (FrasesVampireDiaries)

Expect live cam via NF this afternoon & late into the night. Plus some big updates on @Kinkbomb, @clips4sale & my blog! – by dommekyaa (The Goddess Kyaa)

Cam Newton nailed that interview, hard to tell if he's lying. Constant eye contact and no lip movement between questions. – by Chuck_Leonidas (Charles Culler)

im going to the hotel of Xtina, Cher, Cam & KristenB 😉 – by MariiaKiimy (K.M. Maria)

RT @takkyusc: 卓球サポーターズクラブをフォローして、この記事をRTしてくれた人の中から抽選で5名様に新井卓将技術指導DVDをプレゼント!12/25まで(7) #takkyusc_cam1by toyo0317 (とよ)

Cam Newton says he 'did no wrong' in recruitment – ESPN rham7 (Ray Hamilton)

The last time Brett Favre didn't start Cam Newton was 3 years old – by MontJustMont (Mont)

My chapter on 1936 novel The Weather in the Streets is growing but like a tumor. Excited for seminar on the post-pastoral at Cam next term! – by franbig (Fran Bigman)

cam & bird

finally a new cam -.-
RT @iphonegirl: Here's an app 2 mess w/ your kids.Elf Cam for iOS captures night-vision video of elfs in the user's own living room. timdifford (Tim Difford)

@98FC Luxa foi o palhaço e nos fez de palhaço tambem, treinando o CAM (Centro de Atendimento Medico)…kkkk sofre galooooo – by MonzeirosBH (Clube Monzeiros BH )

Clean sweep of the Awards show last night for Auburn QB Cam Newton. Coach Chizik, and Nick Fairley also had big nights. WDE – by AKi_nG (AKi_nG)

Cam Crisis: Booster Made A “Stupid Decision” – by BadEvidence (Bad Evidence)

el cartel del la mega tembein tiene wed cam??? (live at – by milton32i (milton quecho)

RT @ZZ_Trailers: @TwistedBlissEnt Please RT! Check out all your favorite Pornstars LIVE ON CAM!. JOIN FREE! http://pornstarcam.infoby TwistedBlissEnt (Twisted Bliss)

Cam Newton will win The Heisman Trophy Saturday Night!
War Eagle!!!
RT @AuburnSportsNow: With three awards (cont) jpslapshot (joel parker)

@aevie1010 @ain_beeyo cam top5. spe2 yg dpt bonsaeng akn tcalon tuk daesang. 2AM mng digital daesang smlm WOOOT!! <3 – by kii_9 (armani)

@ayucahyaningrum sejak waktu itu…aku malu on cam !!! Ah…tidaaaaaaak…. – by nino_anindita (nino_anindita)

@98FC Luxa foi o palhaço e nos fez de palhaço tambem, treinando o CAM (Centro de Atendimento Medico)…kkkkkk Galoooooo – by MonzeirosBH (Clube Monzeiros BH )

I cam back to Japan.ヽ(・ε・`【☆。.:タダイマ:*゚☆】´-ω-)ノ – by o_te007 (オーテ)

I knew it was only a matter of time 'til they stuck a cam on the back! RT @DSLRinformer – Ipad 2?? CMcAPhotography (Clair McAllister)

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