All and all the cleaning clone thing has worked out pretty well. But we do have a few kinks (so to speak) to work out.

I’m pretty sure the main reason Sarah created a clone, was to get out of fish tank work. So far her clone is really only good at physical labor. Fortunately, there is no shortage of that on water change day!

You might think walking around town and shopping barefoot would come naturally for Sarah’s clone. Turns out it was a bit of a challenge for her. She spent a lot of time staring in amazement…

Inside My Secret Cloning Chamber

11 Cloned Men Went To Mow, Went To Mow A Meadow !
@IamJ0nQ kick me then u rachet ass cloneby kinkyjeff (jeffrey chavez)

PQP fizeram uma versão da novela O Clone com atores espanhóis. o ruim ainda pior… – by stheribas (Sthe Ribas)

@Julia_Uchiha shadow clone vanishes and i appear in front of you – by SaviorXOfXSarah (John mooney)

git: clone ony a subdirectory GitAtSO (Git@StackOverflow)

@skrud With git you can also follow a CVCS workflow, with 1 public repo people clone and work against. But even that supports offline work. – by pipelone (Matan Nassau)

@princess1169 HighestFRESHman INT3WIS3 That's the only part I like lol RT DippedinBadd: kim clone clown… lol rlicedrky (valeri kraft)

@betadarkiewicz tá, eu mando… mando com tudo que for conversado. :) … Vou ser teu clone, tu vai ver haha' … – by andriengel_acs (Andrielle Engel)

@hodgman and vat-grown clone of Richard Jordan re-cast as Duncan Idaho? – by jaybushman (Jay Bushman)

If anyone wants to join my army, visit your local TRU to get your clone. stnorman (Stormin’ Norman)

movies addicted: #7: Star Wars: The Clone Wars (Widescreen Edition) stuffaddicted (Stuff Addict)

Bitches try clone my style and run wid it daats klll iwas the first one wid it – by imoriginalbxtch (Bushy Haired Bxtch)

German "Spotify Clone" Pairs With Social Network FrenchMusicUSA (French Music USA)

RT @MrRalphLaurenQC: damn I swear I need a clone.. cant please everyone – by jlowery3303 (Jasmin Lowery)

Dear Santa, for x-mas can I please have a clone or another 6 arms and legs and at least 10 heads! Thank you! #toomuchtodotoolittletimeby candysnaps (Caroline)

@paulinhacolonna Sério? Hahahaha Que medo, será que tenho um clone? Em qual loja? – by crys_amorim (Crys Amorim)

I wish I could clone myself sometimes, if i could today would be a 4 clone day. – by menro (robert reich)

@Johnnie_BayBee my phone doesn't suck yours is just a duplicate of mines cloneby gmanofpbc (Glenn Brigham)

quero um clone agooora! – by mytripoli (Myrian Tripoli)

ICDomains – Script para Comércio de Domínios #PHP #BPDomains #domínios #mercado #script #clone #Sedo #comprarby ICloudCenter (ICloud Center)

RT @philip_ciwf: "Clone farming would introduce cruelty on a massive scale" – Daily Mail: – Great to see national coverage on cloning – by JayeSoiree (Lily Jaye)

Preciso de um clone esse fim de periodo, ele fica em casa estudando e eu vou pro estagio.. Oh céus! – by pascarelire (Renata Pascareli)

preciso fazer um clone meu pra dar conta de fazer tudo.. – by guiibh (Guilherme Pinheiro)

damn I swear I need a clone.. cant please everyone – by MrRalphLaurenQC (MrRalphLaurenQC)

RT @adewin: Huh?? RT @Bizzarre71: @adewin I need version for bold 9000 not cloning one. BRo ada yg versi 6 tp cloneby Bizzarre71 (Thurlow)

#php #freelance Clone of Magicbricks, 99Acres, by gharzone: Hi there, I am looking for a cl… wordpresss (WordPress)

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