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The highly anticipated Dropbox 1.0 is finally released and up for grabs! Read about its epic journey at http://blog.dropbox.comby Dropbox (Dropbox)

Wait, Dropbox was a beta? What's iDisk? A proof-of-concept? – by TheMacalope (The Macalope)

Dropbox 1.0 launches. http://blog.dropbox.comby Dropbox_Support (Dropbox Support)

I love Dropbox because 使ってみると確かに便利。常駐させる価値十分にあり http://db.tt/qelI6w4by nazack1984 (Winston Smith)

RT @OcapaPreta: Fãs do #oformigueiro, olha lá, 3 wallpapers da Tana e Jura http://ow.ly/3rQ1k http://ow.ly/3rQ20 http://ow.ly/3rQ2E (por Vitor Pintenho) – by DuduVerdao (Eduardo A. S.)

@mindnode if mindnode can sync documents with dropbox by only one button that will be so great! – by mansonwu (Manson Wu)

@MrS1rus http://dl.dropbox.com/u/15067841/17itog.pdf Эта точно должна заработать. – by PavelKushnarev (Pavel Kushnarev)

I love Dropbox because the easy access http://db.tt/RZJCIrkby frekkam (fredrik klintberg)

RT @NicholasPatten: 5 Unusual Ways to Use Dropbox You Might Not Have Thought Of. http://bit.ly/hKVAF6by DavidAKennedy (David A. Kennedy)

@kikut_1213 それはおれも思った!Dropboxも、出先でファイルを確認出来るから便利よ! – by wata9282 (YamaZacky Wataru)

@edevoer @ErnyVeldt @simonkooger @OlafTJ @Dropbox It spreads like "hell", got my reference MBs alredy in GBs….;-) – by EBDutch (Egbert Boertien)

@DJMarkyMark – I'm just downloaded the Dropbox application to attempt to get all these photos on the site today! 😛 Too many! – by gaywakefield (Gay Wakefield)

Cambiando de dropbox a skydrive me gusta como funciona la sincronización y funciona muy bien desde android – by raquelgh (raquelgh)


Installing Dropbox on Virtual Box
金山那烂东西,云端文件改动了,本地一点反应都没 RT: @blogtd: 不知道怎么说你,但你说的也的确没错.RT: @banligege: 金山快盘也可以啊RT @zuihulu:给力RT: @blogtd: 新版的dropbox客户端可以设置同步某个文件夹,而且直接连接免 – by zhang2kun (橡筋)

Nice that the Linux version is released at the same time RT @linuxalert Dropbox comes of age with version 1.0 release http://dlvr.it/BmX5sby aSheepie (Phil)

Sync your files online and across computers with @Dropbox. 2GB account is free! http://db.tt/6lN5IXQby pablosuamon (Pablo Suarez Montene)

I love Dropbox because Dropbox update the files in ally computers in live: P http://db.tt/dN6YGmQby glucik9333 (Krzysztof)

かれこれもう二ヶ月くらいの悩み…決められない(>人<;) ‘うし’ – by zaitaku_jimu (在宅サポートセンター 事務)

@wubuntust 表示在非翻墙状态下不能打开dropbox的官网。 – by xczzhh (Jerry)

RT @NicholasPatten: 5 Unusual Ways to Use Dropbox You Might Not Have Thought Of. http://bit.ly/hKVAF6by OmegaCourse (Craig Holme)

Ach. Gar nicht mitbekommen: Dropbox 1.0 ist fertig – by lars_inselmann (lars inselmann)

Meldet euch über diesen Link bei Dropbox an und erhaltet 250 MB extra Speicherplatz. Standard sind schon 2 GB for free http://db.tt/deSMJaGby stony2k (Stony)

I know all my followers are probably sleep…But has anybody used a program called dropbox? I have been hearing good things.. – by Mr_UN0RTH0DOX (Kawme Ferdinand)

Dropbox FTW http://db.tt/8WkQDhaby madstomper (Андрей Паредес)

Join me and nominate Dropbox for Best Overall Startup Or Product Of 2010 for the 2010 Crunchies awards! http://is.gd/ij720 #crunchiesby Zusiman (David Zusiman)

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