Eminem, by Margot (age 3)

Eminem – Mosh (2004, GNN)

EMINEM rapping

"Take your crazy asses and just stay where you're at." –Eminem, 2002 – by eminemsaid (Eminem Quotes)

R E E T W E E T if your A Eminem fan 😀 – by fuckboook (anonymouse.)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rLp9U0zjYaQ http://fb.me/O3tQzC6wby HIPHOPCANADA420 (HIP HOP CANADA)

#mrmmcklaus would you not even swing that way for Eminem? :s – by RorMcGror (Rory Robinon)

Fuck dat!!! Dr dre never "dropped" eminem and wat he did was wooorst atleast @ciphasounds is dominican basically the same island smh – by AveNue3G (THEREALAVENUE)

Ouvindo meu DYYYYYVO : EMINEM *———–* #np Lose Yourself – by KaaH_Fernaandes (Kathlen Oliveira)

krai impossivel eu ouvir not afraid do @eminem e nao ficar arrepiado . musica fodaraça – by binholimoficial (Hebert Fernandes)

#np mockingbird by @Eminem <33333 omg i felt this one :'( – by JosiDarkside (josephine henriquez)

Eu também , tinha visto o Eminem no Notícias MTV *-* Gosto bastante de Eminem (: – by annadobieber (Latin Girl do bieber)

#mrmmcklaus eminem didn't make those albums – by paddy_pee (Paddy Power)

RT @TumblrSays: That was yesterday, yesterday is over it's a different day. –Eminem, love the way you lie – by diasayur (Diasa Ayu R)

Rihanna Ft Eminem – Love The Way You Lie Part Two – by ImABigFanOfDul (Moni)

RT @eminemsaid: "I'm throwing back at people what people have thrown at me my whole life" –eminem, interview 1998 – by Eydis_Cartman (Effie)


procurado cd do eminem pra baixar :S n to encontrando – by igornunesdu (Igor Duarte)

#EMINEM! – by _Lustt (Mayara Vieira)

I'm not talking bout Eminem I'm talking bout Slim Shady when he killed kim – by schi_jo_phrenia (Jyoti Sparrow)

BukanG !! sitti ft besse RT @noeenoel: rihanna feat eminem 😀 RT @nhubell: the way you lie – by nHubeLL (Nurul Fauziah)

Означих като любим видеоклип в YouTube — Eminem – Without Me http://youtu.be/YVkUvmDQ3HY?aby grove_stBG (Ivailo Vilia)

RT @MisterMaryJane: @scrapMerloJonez Jeezy @JodyBreeze_ygr @Eminem @youngbuck are the artists I grew up listening to. Thank god they still make music. – by scrapMerloJonez (Lil Scrappy)

"my superman custom"eminem said – by manokoziol (Stefian Fer Manurung)

@gunnerman911 Saw your tweet about Eminem, I just got his new song as a ringtone from here http://is.gd/iw4eJ?=mjezby KimberyPaulina7 (Kimbery Paulina)

RT @TumblrSays: That was yesterday, yesterday is over it's a different day. –Eminem, love the way you lie – by dhircee (Nαdhirα Rαmiz)

@BiebersUKNavy Love the way you lie- eminem ft rihanna – by VickyW_X (Vicky)

Ah o eminem ta muito gato no clipe Not Afraid !! – by dayalindinhah (Dayane )

♪ Crack a Bottle – Eminem, Dr. Dre & 50 Cent ♪ #nowplaying via Teewee – by tom_e_kid (Pander ☆ Star)

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