Euro X Real

The X-Factor, the WOW Factor, Lord Foster’s Swiss Re-Tower – THE GHERKIN! – THE X TO THE MAX! Enjoy my friends!:)
Euro X Real

vlora coastline
Euro X Real

@LisaLavie everyone is telling me it was the best weekend ever! I missed out fo' real! :( euro reunion?!?! Pwetty pweaasssse! Hahah xby Laurence0802 (Laurence0802)

Bovespa:(-)1,68%–dol.coml.;1,6910–euro x dol.;1,3249–euro x real:2,2370–Risco Brasil:164 pts.–ouro:R$ 84,90/gr.-onça troy USD$ 1.381,18 – by DISTRIWAF (DI$ TRIWAF)

Bovespa:(-)0,36%–dol.coml.:1,6810–euro x dol.:1,3222–euro x real:2,2226–Risco Brasil:164 pts.–ouro: USD$ 1.389,35/onça troy.– – by DISTRIWAF (DI$ TRIWAF)

Bovespa:(+)0,64%–dol.coml.:1,6800–euro x dol.:1.3321–euro x real:2,2339–Risco Brasil:164 pts.–ouro:R$ 84,00/gr.-onça troy USD 1.411,66- – by DISTRIWAF (DI$ TRIWAF)

Dolar coml.:1,6710–euro x dol.:1,3361–euro x real:2,2326–Risco Brasil: 166 pts.–ouro:R$ 84,00/gr.-onça troy USD$ 1.426,30.– – by DISTRIWAF (DI$ TRIWAF)

Bovespa:(-)0,23%–dol.coml.:1,6870–euro x dol.:1,3273–euro x real: 2,2392–Risco Brasil: 173 pts.–ouro: USD 1.414,88/onça troy.– – by DISTRIWAF (DI$ TRIWAF)

Tamo indo ve o jogo entre la real e athetic de bilbao, botei um euro no 2 x 3 facil – by danielbarbieri (Daniel barbieri)

Bovespa:(+)0,34%–dol.coml.:1,6850–euro x dol.:1,3379–euro x real:2,2623–Risco Brasil:168 pts.–ouro:R$ 84,50/gr–onca troy USD 1.415,20- – by DISTRIWAF (DI$ TRIWAF)

Bovespa:(+)0,61%–dol.coml.:1,6890–euro x dol.:1,3339–euro x real:2,2570–Risco Brasil:175 pts.–ouro:R,00/gr.-onça troy USD 1.408,90– – by DISTRIWAF (DI$ TRIWAF)

Euro X Real

Compania francesa del Gramophone – aparatos y accesorios
Euro X Real

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