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Sticks and stones may break my bones but chains and whips excite me – by ItsMCizzle (Miley Cizzle Cyrus)

LOL kubi nangi.. @nangi_noruka: #excite RT @ceeeba: @Laz012 just remindd @rickyrozay concert… #Epicby Laz012 (Laz)

年収1500万円って中企業の役員クラスの年収だと思うんだけど,彼らが中間所得者ってことは,年収300万円程度は貧困層なのか?>サラリーマンで「年収1500万」 富裕層なのか「中間所得者」なのか(J-CASTニュース) – エキサイトニュース http://t.co/eQa1Gypby MM_Kanagawa (M.M@神奈川)

AHHHHHHH SO EXCITE (@ Universal CityWalk) http://4sq.com/fGerdRby ganjajon (Ganja Jon)

Toronto Blue Jays Oriole Park at Camden Yards Tickets – Discounted …: Events@Excite is the perfect place to lo… http://bit.ly/fvGNAvby EmilySmithMLB (Emily Smith)

@therealabbied Pinaguusapan pa kasi namin kung kailan! 😀 na-excite ako sa idea na PROPharm ang maghost nung special screening sa pharm. :)by sanchezirish (Irish Sanchez)

RT @evanrud: Monopoly, the dot-com edition. Rewind to the year 2000. My old employer, Excite@Home, one of the top two properties. http://ow.ly/3rQapby yelvington (Steve Yelvington)

Those who write @DianneLittle @NovelHelp @LukeRomyn @ceebee308 @glimmerghost @mikebeak @Writersync Excite. – by BabyBenu (Annette Magee)

[exblog] タイ料理にきたょ http://bit.ly/gzsziKby hiyochin_fice (ひよちん(FICE))

RT @eatwitjp: 毎日の食事を「Twitter」しながら簡単に記録! お店探しにも利用(WomanApps) – エキサイトニュース http://t.co/4jEkpoEby nabesato2001 (Satomi Watanabe)

今週末見るべき映画「ゴダール・ソシアリスム」 | エキサイトイズム – http://bit.ly/guvr8Jby ninoseki (二関)

@alyasberde @thekaisu @ofpurpleskies GO GO GO! I AM EXCITE! Hahaha miss you my girlaloos :* – by AimeeRigor (Aimee Rigor)

日産、電気自動車「リーフ」発売 充電器増が普及の鍵(共同通信) – エキサイトニュース http://t.co/SCQfjOaby ogawa0117 (北海のタコ)

The 8th sem starts from 2mro excited for training lets see what they have to excite us – by nikhiltarle (Nikhil Tarle)

メンノン SPUR ウオモまで 集英社全雑誌表紙をワンピースがジャック(Fashionsnap.com) – エキサイトニュース http://t.co/5xZBFxU これはすごい。やってくれますね~ – by ayumi02 (山本亜由美)

メロン熊?→http://bit.ly/g0zbnDby hayaii (flower)

Jus got some Lynx Excite smells peng – by AlbstarDon (Albert Ânästãsía ♛)

Get the #giveasyoulive App (http://tinyurl.com/24bokbb) and excite the mini
racer in your life with a mini Ferrari, and raise £20 for us. – by tourismforalluk (Tourism for All UK)

たまのドキュメンタリー映画! http://goo.gl/nuXpAby jurilog (jurilog)

#excite RT @ceeeba: @Laz012 just remindd me that its 8days till we invade Cape Town.. 9 days till @rickyrozay concert… #Epicby nangi_noruka (Nangamso Noruka)

脳内でたぎりすぎてるから帰ったらDVD見る!エイトの!!久しぶりに47かHeat Up!!かExcite!!見るか…いつも通りSpirits!!かpuzzle見るか… – by NjKzYz (べちこ)

*motoren* Winterbanden België: kopen in buurlanden http://bit.ly/dUcheuby excite_nl (Excite Nederland)

"A good goal should SCARE you a little. And EXCITE you A LOT!" – Joe Vitale – by IwishUsuccess (Clear Vision)

綾瀬はるかさんら21人が提訴 タレント写真「無断掲載」(共同通信) – エキサイトニュース http://t.co/3kpMsjmby romeo_jets (ベンジー)

obviously I am too excite to type properyl – by Sphur (Sam Hurren)

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