Francis Thicke – Candidate For Secretary of Agriculture

Filip Ambrosius | Kichijouji

Big Daddy Caddy – Rock

Francis Thicke – Candidate for Secretary of Agriculture

Ashley & Ryan – Red Dawn

Francis Thicke – Candidate For Secretary Of Agriculture

RT @BrianWilsonLive: Jimmy Webb: "It was a great period of cross pollination, of advancement, really, where the Beatles definitely… http://fb.me/D5EEQbqVby BrianEpstein_67 (Salami & Pepper’s )

Trivia from this morning: On average this year, we'll visit 3 stores per Christmas shopping trip. back in 2006 it… http://fb.me/GFxfj3wPby 965KOIT (96.5 KOIT)

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Even big boys like rainbow cuddles! http://fb.me/KKptnS4Cby Brattling (Rianne)

Another morning inspiration from Steven Meisel: He is making me want to make sets soooo bad this morning. This… http://fb.me/vTx3cLNCby AshleyVReid (Ashley Reid)

Last chance to get your Haiku in the competition before it closes at noon today. gift card to Orange Leaf… http://fb.me/vQf996bEby OrangeLeafLex (Orange Leaf Froyo)


RT @ProjectSAFE_ON: Did you know—HIV is the first leading cause of death among Black/African Americans males and females ages 25-44,… http://fb.me/NVqWGCE4by BRADYCOMPANY (BRADY)

Good business apparently means ignoring people. Heading to Michigan till the new years show. Cool waves vinyl pre… http://fb.me/NSsSwpeLby DadaTrash (William Freed)

http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10150112002180350&set=a.499800735349.306557.596520349&ref=nfby TylerHikaru (Tyler Relyt)

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Bileğinden öptüm seni
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Dudağından seni
…Kapı aralığında öptüm… http://fb.me/vS0rwlh4by Seferdursun (seferdursun)

Healing Sixes – The Sand Bar

Meghan – Starburst Child
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Winter Sale ~ Now £19.99 Was £23.99
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KyuMin EunHae for Triana Rachmi Febriani
^-^ buMiNa http://fb.me/Rh3OQKuxby kristie_mz (kristie)

Votennnnn @LaBermudez pleaseeeeeehttp://www.facebook.com/l.php?u=http%3A%2F%2Ftweeter.faxo.com%2FMs_Twitter%2F2010%2F12&h=4c053by luchiita055 (Lucia)

Agregen Mi Fan Club Oficial De FaceBook http://www.facebook.com/pages/Jomar-El-Caballo-Negro/174663349230825by JOMARNR (OMAR QUINONES )

Como vai ser o Natal dessa e de outras crianças que perderam os pais no acidente do voo 1907? http://ow.ly/3rVahby 190_milhoes (190000000 de Vítimas)

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Amigos, empezamos una nueva semana con una gran noticia!! Ya somos mas de 1500 personas en la comunidad!!… http://fb.me/BMJPmQFqby Puntoseco (Puntoseco)

RT @umusicbrasil: E a Dulce María foi eleita pelos leitores do G1 como a melhor artista do meio musical em 2010! Dá-lhe, Dulcetes!… http://fb.me/FW7VvP6Cby GleyceRibeiro (Gleyce)

I posted a new photo to Facebook http://fb.me/BK8kvNYXby justinBchile1 (chile)

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