Inspiration: Mozilla Firefox

My Firefox UI

Firefox screen

And so it begins: Source-to-Generated-JS line number mappings are now a real FireFox ticket. Thanks, @brendaneich! – by jashkenas (Jeremy Ashkenas)

IE 9 se lauda cu tracking protection, Firefox tocmai a renuntat la ea. Goodbye FF, it's been a nice ride 😉 ^TT – by maguayro (Maguay)

Twitter SMS – Entretenimento – Serviços| TIM – Mozilla Firefox how2immigrate (How2Immigrate)

Twitter SMS – Entretenimento – Serviços| TIM – Mozilla Firefox blasterphone (Ben Popov)

Twitter SMS – Entretenimento – Serviços| TIM – Mozilla Firefox benpopov (Bozhidar Popov)

Cikal bakal modzila firefox. Cc to @ranDyfadlila, @gugunku, @agusriyanto_, @dididizziano, @Dedet81 emilza87 (Emilza Agustiary)

RT @paulespcforumde: [#TIPP] Nützlich für #Firefox User: Tastaturkürzel TomBluray (Thomas)

So, Firefox platt gemacht und neu installiert. Zwei Profile angelegt. Jetzt kanns ja weiter gehen! – by mien92 (Michelle Engel)

@MediaPost FYI your share buttons in Chrome don't seem to work. Got them to work in Firefox, though. – by ReneeRevetta (Renée Revetta)

說 用了好一陣子firefox 4,javascript速度提昇絕對不是豪洨的。不過看Flash網頁很有問題。外掛正慢慢跟進當中,不是問題。 Gamestu (黃文彥)

I say this latest version of Mac Firefox seems a lot faster than the last one, feels like a treat to view lightboxes without it jerking 😀 – by pealo86 (Matt Pealing)

さっきfirefox右下でtwitterできるにechofon入れてみた。意外に使いやすいかも! – by murakenta (けんた)

The NEW FireFox Twitter Toolbar has Twitter's Trending Topics! Download and RT to win an ipad! http://twitbar.netby dhaynestech (David Haynes)

Safari and Firefox display different colors

My Firefox Extensions
Blog Post: Firefox 4.0 64-Bit Deutsche Version serverkaufen (server kaufen)

@AnneWayman I use them still b/c I can't stand IE and Firefox got so bloated it was actually overheating my system (& I'm not the only one) – by queryfreewriter (Jennifer Mattern) Hendrix – firefoxby bullpubbs (pubbs)

@matmik I know! Also my (and much more prestigious other's) testing shows that it's even faster than Firefox! Best feature: no toolbars. – by kfdickey (Kim Dickey)

開いた瞬間歌ってて不快だから閉じた。はずなのにたまにあるfirefoxのバグで歌聞こえるしタブのところに×ない ibanskun (イバンス)

Chrome ganha mais de 10 mil extensões e se aproxima do Firefox andrepancione (andré pancione)

Mas que titica! Não consigo fazer download do Firefox >< – by omundodekarolyn (Karolyn Petrucci)

Firefox'un geleceği gören eklentisi: Instant Preview 2 edizdar (Erol DİZDAR)

E não é a toa que o Firefox tem caído em favor do Chrome também – by mugnatto (Marco Mugnatto)

firefox is so not working.. – by coolerstuff (pam robinson)

@kerukonbu ←firefoxにしてtumblooってのいんすとーるするとみてるページの画像右クリックだけでポストできて便利だよー!このへんみた→ こぶさんIEだっけ? by kanirko (かにゃこ)

20 minutes gone because Firefox needed a reboot… got a white screen on my webpage… wasn't until I tried curl that I figured it was fox – by taf2 (taf2)

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