Frankenstein’s ‘Monster’

Dr. Frankenstein

Dr. Frankenstein and His Monster

HALLO!!! nicht den frankenstein für die kacke missbrauchen #bsfby LaurielVM (Franzi luvs VM)

I favorited a YouTube video — Over at the Frankenstein Place – Karaoke futureactressks (Kimi Stafford)

Corpse + Electricity = Frankenstein! Play Doodle Devil for FREE – Get for iPhone – lidiafreitas94 (lidia freitas)

@RoniLoren Aww…mini-me. That's good as long as hubs is cute. Bad if he's Frankenstein. My Daddy is cute! So am I! @TeriAnneStanleyby tiffanyreisz (Tiffany Reisz)

Had a dream that T. Plank wrote the first ever story of Frankenstein. & we had to go in a scary dungeon to find it so we could prove it lol. – by nkyryry (Ryan Clark)

@vvinifera ¡Buenísimas!, la original de Frankenstein es muy buena, esa si la tengo. – by filoxeraMEX (Filoxera)

Otro duelo mítico: "Vampire Girl vs Frankenstein Girl" – by varumora (Álvaro de Mora)

Leyendo Frankenstein, (or, The Modern Prometheus) en Google eBooks DanielUlczyk (Daniel Ulczyk)

Ontem assisti Youg Frankenstein. Filme divertido. Gene Wilder incrível. – by Menegolo (Vinicius Menegolo)

FRANKENSTEIN – Años 50´s – Made in Japan – Tin Toy, SÓLO HECHO en la Post Guerra. Las reliquias más bellas serán p MuseodelJuguete (MUJAM ATOMM)

How do I get my hair to stand up like the bride of frankenstein MyGowns ( -Gabriel)

vei ontem eu assisti acho q o primeiro frankenstein q foi feito o bang era preto e branco vei mtmtmt foda sem maldade curti muito – by _ratto (Douglas soares)

RT @SteveNiles: I don't care what you say, Frankenstein makes a great tree topper. – by tlestarjette (Tristan Lestarjette)

Frankenstein (1931)

Frankenstein read Frankenstein
RT @SteveNiles: I don't care what you say, Frankenstein makes a great tree topper. – by BlackDantwit (Daniel Evans)

cliente adora estragar layout, atendimento nao sabe defender :) oque acontece? frankensteinby persocon (Pedro Costa Neves)

@vvinifera ¿sabes también cual es divertidísima?, Frankenstein Jr. – by filoxeraMEX (Filoxera)

just heard Tarzan, Frankenstein and Tonto sing "me wish you merry christmas". #SNLchristmas :)) – by Elf_Buddy (Buddy Elf)

At home for an ISP, watching BBC WORLD trying to ignore the fact that I have to apply to Uni & read Frankenstein for tomorrow – by octopusScarf (☆Cassandra☆)

@DavieAdam Looking good Frankenstein! – by mikeybhoy73 (Michael Rodgers)

i kinda look like frankenstein with this hair GabrielleAEvans (Gabrielle A Evans)

Learning about Frankenstein in class today. FUCK YEAH – by Buhbuhbrittanyy (Brittany Fontaine)

@ebertchicago Shame Krauthammer looks like Dr. Frankenstein's first failed attempt. He might be less bitchy in general if he didn't. – by wintermayer (Corey Drover)

I don't care what you say, Frankenstein makes a great tree topper. – by SteveNiles (Steve Niles)

@aaronventura I know man..on some frankenstein ish!..I'm depressed that its not gonna be on until January – by _MHarstad_ (Michael Harstad)

Finished the 2nd frankenstein and u know u want this;) ifern (Terry IFERN Owens)

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