Ich liebe dich, my Dearest and all my lovely friends ;-)..


heyy 😉 I'm looking for new friends #instantfollow #TeamFollowBack #ifollowback #500ADAY #IFollowAll #FollowFridayby DoloresKimes815 (Dolores Kimes)

@Kirsten_jay "champagne for my real friends, real pain for my sham friends." – by rhymeswithjen (jen )

I never feel lonely. Because I am surrounded by awesome people in my life. I call 'em "FRIENDS" :) #FeelingThisWayby FeelingThisWay (Feeling This Way)


Fri: Trucker Gift Guide! What's on YOUR Wish List? What are you buying for friends & family? Jill Dunn (Overdrive… truckertweet (Freewheelin’_147/171)

RT @_feltonALLENx3: I need some new friends. – by hotrodthegod (Rodney McCargo)

Q: kiss or pass?
message or text?
friends …A: Think I just puked a little bit. Get lost…: xemoxchickxashx (Ashleh)

I just took "What if your dad is best friends with justin biebers dad and he has to stay …" and got: PART 6! Try it: iLoveMyBenieboy (ana destin)

@ChuckTodd Can you let your Dem friends know..spending causes debt..just sayin. – by WendyGav (WendyGav)

HAHA<; ended work.mum with her friends came fetch me home^^ shiok! I ate tako ball>< – by VENISELOVESONEW (Venise♥이진기™)

Now that @randeepk is leaving, I need about 150 phone numbers from friends. Also, need to start making plans myself. #losingalfredby joncrowley (Jon Crowley)

RT @ecarlia: a lot stories for my best friends. I wish I had 'em liliput version to carry wherever I go. enormously miss them! – by kunandikaputri (Kun Andika Putri)

@GillPill77 Oh BtF! U made me laugh!! I watched that Friends the other day! LMFaO! Monica tryin 2 seduce Chandler! :)by heyitsme21 (Chris)

This is for you my dear friends, thanks for all your kind and generous support! I will be back on flickr on the 9th of August 2010. Have all a wonderful time ahead! Thank you all so much! My Graditude and warm wishes to you all my friends! :)

Happy Valentine’s Day and All My Love to My Dear Flickr Friends!
RT @smileekid @cristalbellaa @TeenThings: My friends are crazy but i love them anyway. #teenthingsby shhmendez (Soledad Mendez)

I just took "What if your dad is best friends with justin biebers dad and he has to stay …" and got: PART 1! Try it: BieberCherrys (Your Mom)

RT @lauraararuna: Bom dia friends lindos =D eu sei que isso serve pra mim. Bom dia minha abelhinhaaa *.* – by filipelimma (Filipe Lima)

@travelsofadam can I intervirw you for Talkin' Travel? Promise to you in friends who love travelers section! – by sleepingonbuses (Sleeping On Buses)

@KatMcKinley sounds like you have some incredibly witty friends. – by FredNukisUSA (Fred Nukis)

@30SecondsToAnia i can't spreak now, i'm with my friendsby jojoechelon (jojo.)

I just took "(1-37) You're best friends with Ryan and Chaz. Justin Bieber …" and got: THE NEW CAMERON CONRAD! Try it: BiebsCakeLover6 (C3l!n3)

we dont have any mutual friends, im not adding you. creeper. – by itsdheba (Dheba Fahdimar ✔)

I just took "What if your dad is best friends with justin biebers dad and he has to stay…" and got: PART 2! Try it: jocy1995 (Jocelyne Saab ✔)

To continue in the holiday gift mode, have you thought of trying Etsy for bookish gifts for friends on your list?… loftromance (The Loft)

RT @monicahelenaang: My friends are totally good in making me laugh. They're better than those comedians ♥☺ – by filbetlie (Filbert Lie)

My best friends… I feel like I've lost them forever, and they were like my touchstone. – by felixcuaca (Felix Cuaca)

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