Ghost Whisperer

“Ghost Whisperer” Panel
Ghost Whisperer

“Ghost Whisperer” Panel
Ghost Whisperer

someone suggest me a drama to watch please? i finally have time to watch some~ *watching ghost whisperer atm* 😀 – by m43ch4n (Maecris Lee)

slalu tngok citer pe? — ghost whisperer NurAnisOthman (Nur Anis Othman)

i love wrestling,john cena,makeup, hot men,ghost whisperer,OH did i mention anything too do with WRESTLING would make me smile ear to ear. – by HeatherLovesU (Cenation Princess)

@LeuMarktt Vi uns tres episodios ja!!! Eu gosto da série… Weeds e Ghost Whisperer estão na lista das prox. compras!!! – by mariaelisaek (Maria Elisa)

Nu kijk is het gewoon Ghost Whisperer, ik vind zulke dingen gewoon leuk #dachtdatjehetwildeweten =$ – by Muunaa_ (MUNA)

tipo, todos meus seriados estão lá, omg. Chuck, True Blood, How I Meet Your Mother, Modern Family, Ghost Whisperer &' Glee. vou morrer :(by pferrazza (Priscila Ferrazza)

Assisti a "Ghost Whisperer: Lost In The Shadows" s5ep9 #orangotagby letslaviano (Letícia Laviano)

"Ghost Whisperer" appeals to me not because of the 'horror' but because of the unfinished business stories it shares.. – by starkafka (L*)

terminei de assistir ghost whisperer e fui lá fora andar de skate porque estava morrendo de calor né, como eu sou esperta….resultado: + – by letslaviano (Letícia Laviano)

@ZulHadri Saya rasa nak ikut balik lar Ghost whisperer ni. :p – by tekkaus (tekkaus)

oooo ghost whisperer is on on 'channel one' tonight 😀 might watch!!! :)by EmEmmiiEmz (Emily SJ’HT’KM’SS’KK)

acho que saí pra assistir Ghost Whisperer e nunca mais voltei, né… rsrsrs – by okinawasunset (Piña Colada Boy)

I have the whole set of Ghost whisperer!! :) FYI best show ever!! StawberryBurst (Natalie Jane ♥)

“Ghost Whisperer” Panel
Ghost Whisperer

“Ghost Whisperer” Panel
Ghost Whisperer
Watching ghost whispererby amairRany (amairany hdz)

Your fav tv show? — ghost whisperer (: JustinsShawtysx (Shelby Bieber =))

im pretty sure i dreamt about a whole episode of ghost whisperer #scary. – by TurkaLurk1 (Sara Turk)

Something thats on your mind right now? — ghost whisperer:L just becasue im watching it;) EmilyTweedy_ (Emily Chadwick)

watching the Ghost Whisperer =p – by Noowdzz (Hind)

ghost whisperer + star star jijji renovada! – by Sophieso (Sofi Sojo)

what is ur favorite t.v. show — ghost whisperer (: JustinsShawtysx (Shelby Bieber =))

Viendo GHOST WHISPERER (: – by JuanVllgz (Juan Villegas)

watching Ghost Whisperer 😀  – by Lalizz_15 (Lalizz )

Assisti ghost whisperer hoje, um epsodio da primeira temporada. Ai ♥-♥ – by _policies (Geovanna M.)

Si quiero pedirle algo al Espiritu de la navidad tengo que llamar a Melinda Gordon de Ghost Whisperer? #Navidad #Preguntasby alexglv (Alex Ledezma)

RT @skinnyadib: tava aqui deitado assistindo ghost whisperer ai me toquei que era ghost whisperer e desliguei a tv e sai de casa. – by gabrielswainer (GabrielSantAnaWainer)

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