Good Of War

world march – marcha mundial – “war”
Good Of War

World without wars….. peace now!
Good Of War

Hitler would like this man to go home and forget about the war. A good American non-com at the side machine gun of a huge YB-17 bomber is a man who knows his business and works hard at it (LOC)
Good Of War

50million ppl. Died n WW2 nothing good comes out of war (random) – by Cutty217 (Cutty)

RT @motherjones: Could civil war be good for the Democrats? The upside of the liberal tax revolt: liberalprick70 (eddie)

My lil brother is finally out of Afghanistan for good! I don't support the war the slightest- i'm glad my brother learned not to as well. – by TrishaKaySpeaks (Trisha)

Sleepy from too much spellwork. Will finish the war with "Willful Wonders of Wimmbledonia" later, perhaps. It's on a chain for good reason!! – by Slythermint (Jaden Pratt)

@ThinkStrat Have been looking for a good history of the Thirty Years War: which 2-kilo tome are you tackling? – by Winterpool (Winterpool)

War is never the answer… It's just a good way to get it. War is the foundation of peace. – by f_sanchez91 (Cisco Sanchez)

@MPtheLegend crying is all good as long as it is in the arms of your bro and one of you is dying from some kind of war related gunshots – by dontitstoobig (Dean Grimes)

@xplay Heavy Rain, Alan Wake, God of War III, Epic Mickey, Fable III. Too many good 2010 in games. – by vamp21 (Paul Rodriguez)

Gears of War is finished… loved it… now on to Gears 2.. so far so good. – by ZenMage (Mike Beaudry)

Are the Manics good again, or is 'It's Not War (Just The End Of Love)' a remarkably ace one-off? – by idlemichael (Michael Fox)

RT @suzykhimm: Could civil war be good for the Democrats? My case for the upside of the liberal tax revolt: Lehigh389 (Lehigh389)

Its gonna be good,
And will you need Gears of war 2 to play the Beta??? – by HaydnSturman99 (Haydn)

Cold War Kids are good on cold days. That is all. drewber (Drew Hoolhorst)

How to Fight a Better War
Good Of War

Good Of War
@tomthebodz he was quite good in Lord Of War as well. This was specifically in reference to that utter jizzheap he calls a band. – by Repka (Tom Dare)

Richard Holbrooke's last words: 'You've got to stop this war in Afghanistan' – Telegraph One of the good guys has died. – by MelindaHarrison (Melinda H Harrison)

I want another Space Hulk game. The mods for the Dawn of War games are good and all (particularly the first one) but they arent the same… – by ReignerRuler (Dan H)

eBay has good prices on God of War for Sony PS 2. Try it. godofwar_gamer (War God Gamer)

@SCClemons good thinking,war of any kind is stupid,i like to at peace,only willing to fight and get nasty if i absolutely have to. – by captimapatient (thomas warner)

My brother's just got God of War III and hot damn does it look goodby RevellWriting (Mike Revell)

Literally feel like I'm preparing to storm the gates of
Valhalla. Haha this shit could start a war. Go listen to Orlog if you like good BM – by ButtonsDTD (Sean Murphy)

jogando good of the war 2 – by viniciosmg (vinicius )

@Rm67Dame so our buss war has come to an end ? good cause I was running out of jokes. lol – by _dbricks (deidra brickley)

Decided to get The War of Eustrath. It's pretty good. – by EdArKnEsS (Etānarudākunesu )

RT @motherjones: Could civil war be good for the Democrats? The upside of the liberal tax revolt: TomRisen (Tom Risen)

RT @motherjones: Could civil war be good for the Democrats? The upside of the liberal tax revolt: renamcgee (Rena McGee)

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