Google renames itself Topeka for a day for April Fools (but only in the US). still is “Google.” Who knows that font?


Lightning HDR
Google.Ca search for ‘merb’
Google.Ca – Alex Leung #2

@dimip2 Clairement. Et remarque je pinaille mais le "safe search" de Google ça fonctionne bien en fait, faut le reconnaître 😉 – by jkbockstael (Jean-Karim Bockstael)

Les vœux de Google, ça donne ça : via @emobby LAsticotine (Christine Tong)

@zangoose122 Nanalew (Shawna)

Mais qu'on a l'air con quand on cherche CString() sur google. Ca n'a rien a voir avec du C++. – by aureq (BobCaTT)


@xLanaSweetx LOL YUP! xD and im wearing this xDDD LOL – by KaylaCarterR (ƙαƴʅα ᴄᴀᴙԏᴈᴙ✓)

Quand les campagnes #Buzzman inspirent Google, ça donne ça: hotlobster (Guillaume Sartre)

@JonCruise Great live jazz here @CellarJazz. sleepysheepie (Emily )

Business – Google News: via @addthisby Mbale (Sam)

Business – Google News: via @addthisby Mbale (Sam)

"Most people go through life using up half their energy trying to protect a dignity they never had." ScottEdgar (Scott Edgar)

"Boredom is the bankruptcy of the imagination… a failure to engage with mystery" ~ James Hollis lease_equipment (LeaseDirect Canada)

A snap shot of our store on Google Places. FlowerchildBC (Teresa)


RT @mparent7777: Facebook phisers JIDF Exposed-Deleted my posts! RT @iamfreedom Hcked posts linked 2 JIDF.My tweets 2 "web" #gaza phishing – by LUCIDdreamtime (LUCID dreaming)

@zenimpulse Well, come down here to Trinity Street and you'll see 3 of them stumbling up and down the block every day – by Rosger (Stephan Rosger )

……って、おいおい!@t_hayashi : これは……。 miyamotohiroki (宮本浩樹)

これは……。 RT @patho_logic: 検索結果の先頭見て吹いた. t_hayashi (はやし)

@justluv_D I'm sure you've read The life of Pi. in case u didn't nm_journal (nSM)

@OffTheChainSGJB I find this helps a little. Mellanitious (Mellanitious)

Talk about tasty treats. Free Spring Rolls coupon at our Google Place Page. Kamloops Wok Box only. Valid until Jan 31 AsianWokRecipes (Porterwb21)

Business – Google News: via @addthisby Mbale (Sam)

@BRONZEDIP I'm sure you've read The life of Pi. in case u didn't nm_journal (nSM)

@ScarlettMi KEEP IT. You can get him the Taunton sleeping bag. freckles_slayme (freckles_slayme)

@whatsmynom adairish7 (Penny Lane)

@metromoviestar @lindsayluckadoo And then every once in while she hits an uncharacteristic fluke- something FLATTERING Jennie__Lynn (Jennie )

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