google it.

Oh Come On Google! It Was a Single Search Query!

Google It Now

Recession Beer…

Give me a reason to make me smile, cause i think i forgot how

wiki this! google it!

U know u could actually google it."@honiepours: Ehnehn! Dnt startRT @Olowu_1:"@honiepours: Plss wen is twilight 4 comin?"" – by Olowu_1 ( Olowu Emmanuel)

Yo anybody seen this tush turner thing? Like for real google it lol – by IlldotLogic (Illington Dotsworth)

@vivaciousmakeup Just Google it if you want more info. – by junaraz1 (junaraz1)

Needs me a "bakers edge" pan, Google it!! – by ashleyparkz (Ashley Park)

@cpeoples23 yeah its a natural substance. non addictive. google it. – by Jax_Monet (Jax)

@widazzle haha google it – by iDude404 (ChRiS ™)

@robbiedashwood aahhh the Oxford comma. google it – by LikeNarnia (Pania)

Lmao right after u.. RT @Gr8ight: I know d yoruba name iz "ayo" so lets google it RT @thisisvalo: I think its called "Nchokoto" in igbo… – by thisisvalo (Valo Dizzle)

@kasturigadge Hmm, I've never heard of that. Time to Google it – by liamwrites87 (Liam Frady)

@Creepyfresh google it – by bissizzle (odunayo bisola)

@kid0nthem00n google it – by bissizzle (odunayo bisola)

@google IT'S VARY HORRIBLE ONE TO THINK ALSO>>….. – by playboyanoop (ANOOP HGEDE)

i think my DICK jus said his 1st words… idk what LANGUAGE it was tho…. lemme google it hol up… – by JohnJohnDaDon (John John Da Don)

still falling

Avian sensor dust
I know d yoruba name iz "ayo" so lets google it RT @thisisvalo: I think its called "Nchokoto" in igbo… – by Gr8ight (arubi emiko)

@omghairwhore GOOGLE IT PLEASE – by KashDollarMoney (SK)

@SweetSerenity03 I jus google it from my phone and it is tobacco use product so what are u doing – by CeLEVVVbrity86 (Romeo Edwards)

@Fuck_U_Pants *laughs* I'll google it when we get out, *moves further back into you hands rubbing up and down your legs – by BerrynCream (Rachel B Berry)

RT @Ronoh4250: I love google. it ALWAYS fixes my problems. =) – by Advent_Kid13 (Kendrick Guient)

@qikipedia Do not make me Google it, did Lewis Carroll visit Llandudno? – by silasthehobbit (silasthehobbit)

I STILL don't understand why pple tweet ish like "when is d next flight to cameroun tday pls?" O_o Can you PLS just google it instead???? – by nuellaiyoha (Nuella Esele Iyoha)

i'm a bruneian not an indonesian.about the currency,just google it :) RT @eriah_UKISSME @mywooyoung_ Rm1 ringgit malaysia, brape juta rup – by mywooyoung_ (jang izzah )

@IFHIL I have never even heard of such a thing. Gotta go google it now. – by LoliNOTBarbie (Loli Hara)

Tears for Fears CoD Black Ops video now has pride of place on my phone. Google it! – by SimonCatterall (Simon N.J. Catterall)

Watched this great indies movie last night… worth checking out, if you know how to read, Taare Zameen Par – google it! watch it! – by brwngurl_inSA (yahbaby)

@CeLEVVVbrity86 google it – by SweetSerenity03 (Brittany Dillings)

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