Fountains, Madison Sq. Park on hot day (LOC)

The Hot House Sydney Royal Botanical Gardens

hot water and Coca-Cola

A cup of hot cocoa does a body warm, as does 30 minutes of skating to burn off its 200 calories. – by daily_squeeze (Daily_Squeeze)

@tamoorh Has she forsaken her hot husband and child for avenging her bro-mance??? – by NaveedHIQ (Naveed)

ok..Im taking a hot bath..just try and stop me! – by RandyJames_ (Randy James)

One hour till @nsnfestival releases 20 artists for NSN. Tune in on Hot Kiss 106.3 @ 10:00 or follow @dgeconcerts @geoo @shameonzar RT RT RT – by awwatx (At War With Androids)

@carolinebeavon Aw…get some hot ribena in and turn on Diamonds on the soles of her shoes :-)by jack_o_rama (jackie graham)

ooh, Sunny is hot ! – by stephaniekwari (Stephanie Kwari)

RT @TroubleandBass: FREE DOWNLOAD @Dropthelime Hot as Hell (@NouveauYorican Remix) MaSaKi_SGMT (Ut-TiE)

RT @lintasberita: 6 miss universe keturunan arab yang tinggal di amerika (hot): ternyata gadis2 asal lebanon bohai semua – by Wiandra_ra (WR_Arnezt)

Wanna know how to be hot this season? We will tell you how. Check out symphonyindia (symphony)

We will be open until 8pm tonight. Stop in for a FREE cup of hot chocolate and gingerbread cookie. – by sweetbitesbake (Sweet Bites Bakery)

RT @MichelinGuideNY: brought back 4 bottles of marie sharp’s hot sauce from Belize only to discover it’s easily found here….oops. – by jeffreypjacobs (Jeff Jacobs)

RT @rudegirl89: u claim that u're so hot
And you say you got skills in the bedroom
u try to flirt when u're so not
Had a chance you still never come through – by TheRiRiFreak_ (Lisa (TheRiRiFreak))

OMG! I was reading the HOT magazine my brother bought, and they were talking abt AMA. A group called NK08BSB were named as- – by thCELERY (H.Zeeching)

Hot weather Charity [horse] N.Y.C. (LOC)
Tix for Robin Trower on 6/3 are onsale now. Get them while they're hot. elkoconcerts (mike elko)

TWP: NFS: Hot Pursuit Super Sports DLC dated TheWarpPipe (The Warp Pipe)

@spfitzgerald i'm pretty much just staying in bed, watching tv shows and drinking hot chocolate haha. – by nicolemargaret (nicole yetman)

Check this video out — Red Hot Chili Peppers – Warped (Video) via @youtubeby toddroxx (todd cox)

Hot Hot Eat #fatindiebandsby chrissiejade (Christina Falcon)

im lonley, and its REALLY hot in here. someone should come chill, if only @MarnieeLee was here D: oh wells i guess bed time for the loner – by lilmissmelaniie (Melanie Drummond)

@aLittleGerman the winters here are cold, though, but summer, it´s super hot,south of argentina it´s always cold though, snow and glaciers – by JuanMolinet (Juan Molinet)

Hot chocolate<3 . – by fckincelia (Sheela♥)

@_Dfab_ hot coco – by WorldsFavAsh (Frenchie )

NoBucks is away for the weekend: Official Opening Party for Hot Heels Africa Downhill Skating Competition and… NoBucksZA (NoBucks)

@albaolmo hot one! RT uRNuM1_FANTASY: Shoutout to rudeguy_5 he was looking sexy as hell tonight!! mmmm mmm lol MarekdtSLk (twila storey)

Time for some hot bath :)by MyNameIsJurissa (jurissa francisco)

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