Hot Flamin’ Rodimus!

Cold VS Hot

Chicago Style Hot Dog

Paul Reichert becomes LKQ's national industry relations manager for Canada – Collision Repair Magazine #RVP SarahEdwards88 (Sarah Edwards)

Hot-lanta is not livin up to its name…. BRRRRR – by Matt9Duchene (Matt Duchene)

Older post, but I need it today. Maybe you do, too?: Let This Be the Red-Hot Poker That Prods You to Submit : amandahoving (Amanda Hoving)

TODAY: Free hot beverage of choice at Gregory's 39th/7th for my friends noon-1pm. Just tell them my name. – by ChristinaSees (TiNy TiNa*)

The Hot Guy of the Day is up for checking out -… TeleportingSis (SLTeleportingSisters)

2 muffins sittin in a microwave. Bored, one of the muffins say: "Man it's hot in here!" The other muffin replies "WHOA, a talking muffin! – by Emeleia (Emeleia)

RT @CassSantucci: Jesse McCartney is hotby BiancaBHedley (Bianca Boisvert ♥)

@LakshmiManchu She is an Actor, Host, Director, Producer and she is HOT! From Las Vegas to Boston Legal and from Desperate Housewives to Dis – by meghanardy (meghana reddy)

@dirty_jaguar ayyy get me a steak bowl with lettuce cheese and that hot sauce lol RT Charmin_Harmon: chipotlerun ghegrafmaeters (laurena yazzie)

snowball fight whoop whoop! can we go sledding too then we all meet up for hot chocolate? #SeriousQuestionby BishesHateOnNaj (Najala Renea)

I wish the jerk who keeps dropping Flamin' Hot Cheetos bags by my parking space would at least drop a full one….. – by GennJackson (Genn Jackson)

She's hot. Hahaha. – by KristenKoolayde (Kristen Morgan)

@faffypants Hehe thank you, that means a lot coming from the hot, Faffy Pants…I wonder what the hell are faffy pants anyway…? – by ALT0holic (Jay Anderson)

Hot chocolate at the Kievo-Pecherskaya Larva

iconGrill Hot Fudge Sundae
@Hyunae_ WALAU ): he's damn hot hehehe so is oscaaaaar – by JAYTEEZEELING (Jocelyn Tan)

Early morning #FF thanks to these hot men: @piero_strada @cpvdw69 @bluekelt @jockcam @bikeguy13 @aortali2by meetthebreeder (The Breeder)

why is he so hotby secretbones (Jazlyn )

Ah, woke up. Fresh snow outside. Now for some hot coco. And make me a friendly snowman. – by kambodianboi (Jarrod Hev)

RT @dikumalasari: RT @PRISKANATHASIA: Zac Efron is totally HOT! – by Chelcia_Chellls (chelsea felicia ong)

RT @samalbania: ANG HOT TALAGA NI ZAC EFRON. :"> – by gabbyeatworld (Reese Uy)

Had croissants & hot toffeenuts with Mom and college besties @XOXObabyj @emersonnocon who's on Twitter but doesn't tweet. I miss college!! – by iamshoelaces (Charlene April)

Matamaa RT @Reyzadhf: Muucihhh RT @Meidinss: Eluuuu RT @Reyzadhf: Kewl ._. RT @Meidinss: LAWAK! ¬_¬ RT @Reyzadhf: HOT :O RT @Meidinss: New – by MEIDINSS (Meidina Nabila)

RT @samalbania: ANG HOT TALAGA NI ZAC EFRON. :"> – by monkeyonthemove (Bianca Chiong)

@luXOXOX Follow @KunSeklawi he is a young hot football player 😉 – by Real_Reno (Yeh)

Todays specials: Chicken Tamales & Mexican Hot.Chocolate.. – by ELCHARRITO (EL CHARRITO)

@MockingMommy MORNING HOT MOMACITA – by GsCoeur (Genevieve)

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