Hub Cap on Ledge


Second Belkin 7-port USB hub

@SilverTouches Yeah! Just got food shop tomorrow (not much, just fresh stuff) and pressies to wrap! Hubs finishes work today :)by PoppySparkles_ (Viv Smith)

Culture Finds: HBCUs Listed as 'Potential' Terrorist Hubs by Virginia's Fusion Center raquelwilson (Raquel Wilson)

@TheMajorsSwan Awesome! I vetoed Elvis for our wedding *laughs* It was a joke mostly. The hubs ended up using Elvis lyrics in his vows – by RockinCullen (Ed’s Bella)

Between Brayden snoring in the monitor even with it turned down, and the hubs snoring all night, I feel like I never really slept! – by basicallyjulie (Julie S. )

Sent cookie trays to hubs office-all #gf #df &no one knew! Fudge,jam-filled cookies,buckeyes,macaroons, gingersnaps, etc. How cool is that?! – by glutenfreegigi (GlutenFreeGigi)

@caiosfm to Hubs! LOL! RT DPodlaseck: Escaped Walmart relatively unscathed. Don't make me do it again ! hasnkman (krystin hebert)

@SarahDarerLitt We actually celebrate the holiday! Hubs LOVES the tree and demands flashing lights. <I'm a gentile> 1/2 – by trkravtin (Teresa Rolfe Kravtin)

I love how everything. Do is ruled by running. Bringing my book in the carride to hubs, cuz it's slightly addicting. – by daavidw (David Walter)

Kids' last day of school. Is 7 hrs enough 2 deliver Xmas cookies, wrap gifts, clean house, take a shower &meet hubs @ his xmas party 4 work? – by HopeStudios1 (Jennifer Juniper)

The kids woke me up at 5:30 this morning. They (and hubs) are still sleeping. #nofairby lobsters4ever1 (Kim )

So glad today that hubs doesn't subscribe to Groupon. – by FawnRech (Fawn Rechkemmer)

Heading out with hubs in a bit! 100Yen ♥ – by missbooo (Larissa Koh )

@GetOffMyRob Hubs tucked me in b4 leavin 4 work , so im supposed 2 b sleepin lol just letting U know I got the recipe .thanks bb. *HUGGSIES* – by cougar4RPattz (Jaqui Bronson)


Het zou een rustige kerst worden met een hubs die moet werken maar dochters nodigen steeds meer vrienden uit :)by Ester_MNGW (Ester )

Manufacturing hubs in China race up the value-chain kairosfuture (Kairos Future)

@SmittySmiles Is this your family or hubs in TN? – by GaryChampagne (Gary Champagne)

"@Croneandbearit really are the roads iced over ?" -@ScottMcDonald3//our driveway is icy – I think main roads treated – hubs going out now – by Croneandbearit (Linda )

Need to finish up shopping for the hubs today considering we exchange tonight! Leaving for Indiana Friday at 6 am. 1st christmas away ☹ – by MzJHawk (Jennie)

RT @AJEnglish: Europe travel chaos 'eases': Life at major transport hubs slowly returns to normal after many flights were cance… sudeep896 (Sudeep Kandel)

It transpired that he wasn't quite sure what-all that entailed. Also that hubs hadn't quite had THE talk w/ him. Just A talk. No mechanics. – by DelDryden (Delphine Dryden)

Same here!! RT @KimmyKim19: @DDUBsBOSTONjenn maybbbeeeee??? I would love to but have to run it by hubs! – by ddubsbostonjenn (JENNIFER NKOTB)

@sassy_ninja I miss you lady☹ If your not on twitter the next few days hope you & the hubs have a great Christmas x – by DaniWelshVm (Dani ₪ ø lll·o.)

Why is it that my Jura Capresso always needs more water or beans when I go to get a cup of coffee and never when hubs gets his? #praytellmeby MariaS_scraps (MariaS)

@tkpleslie will do! My hubs/biz partner is our IT dept. Loves cool tools lime this. – by meredithheron (Meredith Heron )

@WickedGood what was with last night? hubs got the midnight work call – was up until 4. he's still in bed… u ppl need new jobs – by mommieswstyle (Whitney Wingerd -MWS)

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