Dale goes to IMVU

188k Virtual Products on IMVU Store

IMVU Pre-paid Cards

Just Say No To IMVU

Controversy over Anshe Chung’s IMVU virtual goods


@GAGAwaugh we should get married on IMVU :)by xoxoanabelle (Ana Bethel)

just signed up for horrible hate that site the worst part i payed its like i like www. meez better – by carlena777 (carlena kristina)

coupon code on imvu 8s5fpagmwg – by krazi_swagg (jasmine france)

IMVU is being slow v.v – by 3m0l3z (Nol)

@ConejitaMileyC first u smoking know cursing people I thougth u. Were a god loving family because u told me that on IMVUby luckygirlmk2 (1# Bieber Lover♥)

IMVU crashed ;D: – by FallOutNatasha (Natasha Mank)

Why does The Telegraph have ImVu advertisements? Are they so desperate for online revenue that they'll stoop to any level? Cheapens the site – by matigo (Jason F. Irwin)

first time on IMVU in ages…………………………….. – by JoJo_Bearr (Joey Scannell ♡)

RT @thatgrrllani09 I liked a YouTube video — Lunasvalen Mosswolf Does IMVU 2: Tonight We Yiff In Hell (tr… #yiffby RTYiff (Yiff)

My Lil brother is on this virtual cite called IMVUby Mick_Jagger_ (Kay. H.)

jogar It Girl me lembra de quando eu jogava IMVU kkkkkkkkkkkkkk só pelas roupas. – by maribrandaor (mari)

@GamalielChannel Imvu?? Maddo. – by AylaCarli (Ayla-Carli p;)

Bleh im so busy P: Meez,Zwinky,Imvu,Meshing,Designing, new videos, and Woah! x.x – by GamalielChannel (Gamaliel Fernandez)

My IMVU sticker I made

@gruner100 just log onto the imvu app and see if your on – by bruutalxcore (Anonymous )

@dra_gamer xfavor mi amor n.n :3 te lo enviaria asi pero ps no tngo imvu aki ajja porfis n.n – by biogeekboy (☠biogeekboy☠)

I liked a YouTube video — Lunasvalen Mosswolf Does IMVU 2: Tonight We Yiff In Hell (tr… thatgrrllani09 (lani bourgeois)

@ColtsNCrab IDK But the last Ad i saw bwfore going onto PC Was Imvuby BETA_Closeyrufc (Mr.Cool)

@dra_gamer JAJA woow pues escogió muy bien n.n jeje n.n :* ahora me cae mejor imvu JAJA n.n , woow k loco la cama esa jaja XD – by biogeekboy (☠biogeekboy☠)

@biogeekboy de nada me creeras q imvu escogio las fotos? x) estoy en imvu ^^ viendo q compro jaja sabes q encontre una cama de exorcita D: – by dra_gamer (✔ ★Stephy Playmobil✿)

@idoubleshorty I`m here! Just helping em with some IMVU stuff What`s the news?
#HaveItAllby Destcool (Destiny Coolbaugh)

@dra_gamer y k tal pexoxa que andas haciendo?? n.n x cierto muchísimas gracias por la postal imvu esta (cont) biogeekboy (☠biogeekboy☠)

Why is IMVU Being advertised on ? Sort this out… NOW! – by BETA_Closeyrufc (Mr.Cool)

Kevin Dasch, a vice president at IMVU, says BlueCava's technology has led to a significant decline in our fraud rates – by VirgilAldana455 (Virgil Aldana)

How can I stop IMVU web ads from showing up? – autorespondere (Autoresponder Email ) :3. – by MissZuzuu (Niliz Semalar)

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