Huzzah, after watching Inception suddenly the Odin sleep makes sense. – by ThyRealThor (Thor Odinson)

Sometimes the line between reality and fiction can become very blurry. We learned that from getting really baked and watching Inception. – by wikileakcables (Wikileaks Cables)

Watching Inception makes me feel that it is indeed cool to be an architect! – by thecityspace (Rob Simpson)

and Christopher Nolan , INCEPTIONby Dylan037 (Dylan Richards)

@rawritsdinobob sorry sis for not replying, i was busy and my internet connection was crap. I watched Inceptionby Hells_Poet (Billy)

ontem eu assisti de novo o melhor filme de 2010 e o filme que eu mais amo de todos os tempos, que é Inceptionby madelinejota (Bitch)

68.Altın Küre Adayları açıklandı. J.Depp iki adaylığı var. A.Jolie & N.Kidman adaylığı olan diğer oyunculardan. Inception'un ise 3 adaylığı – by M_Movies (Movie)

If the Social Network wins instead of Inception or The King's Speech I'll cut a bitch! #GoldenGlobesby punllero (Daniela J.)

@calhau me ofendo mais com Inception e Facebook indicados. – by resenna (Rê Senna)

WTF! #onlyinIndia! RT @bookmyshow Narnia3 made Rs.20.5 Crores in 10 days. #1 film for 2010 in India outdoing Harry Potter & Inception. – by JayCificity (Jay)

Nooo en CNN están comentando las pelis nominadas a los Golden Globe. Por acá solo llegaron: The social network e Inceptionby anacaroz (Ana Caro Zeta)

i hate when i hav a dream that seems real and i wake up and can't piece together what was real and what was a dream. #inception lmao – by Owtl4w4Life (Avery Jordan)

"Black Swan""Fighter" "Inception" "Kings Speech' "Social Network"best drama… #globes (via @nytimesmovies) – by juliaxix (Julia XIX)


PhotonQ-INCEPTION welcome in The dream worldS
Nominaties Golden Globes bekend: Black Swan, The Fighter, Inception, The King’s Speech en The Social Network str… nrc_nieuws ( nieuws)

Like INCEPTION the movie,If only I could make dream by my own will… – by SickPervert (Nick Maxwell)

@inagaki 4 indicações para Black Swan, 4 pra Inception e 6 pra The Social Network! E ainda, Emma Stone indicada por "Easy A"! E Glee com 5! – by nathiuria (Nathali Lima)

RT @CNNshowbiz: #GoldenGlobe noms: Best screenplay – motion picture: 127 Hours, The Kids are All Right, Inception, The Kings Speech, The Social Network – by jeromeadel (Jerome Adel)

@crhemanth Inceptionby Ravitejadanda (D.Raviteja)

My new apps are kool!!….inception and titewire! – by JasonGreene87 (Jason Greene)

Filme "Inception", muito bom. Mas se for assistir cuidado pra não enlouquecer e pensar que a vida é um sonho. – by athosfel (Athos Felipe)

Eu não peguei ator/atriz em filme de drama, quero ver se o pessoal de Inception e o J Timberlake estão indicados, kkkk – by livoliveira (Livia Oliveira)

Nice mix RT @KJBar: Best Picture nominees: Black Swan, The Fighter, Inception, The King's Speech and The Social Network #goldenglobesby smurray38 (Stephen Murray)

Golden Globe nominations and NO LEO DICAP FOR INCEPTION?!?! And Matt Morrison for GLEE? eeks.bu Yay for Scott Caan!! – by Pamishere (Pamela Tan )

ว่าแล้วก็ยังไม่ได้ ซื้อ Inception มาดูอีกรอบเลย T^T – by n4kin (Pakin P.)

RT @stigquotes: Some say Chuck Norris was born when Leonardo DiCaprio tried to perform Inception on The Stig. – by kumitzal (Luis Gurrola)

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