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RT @xbreakoutt: "That's all I wanna be right now. I wanna be the fourth Jonas Brother" -Shia LaBeouf. – by JonasDemiAriana (cυpcaĸe. ☆ )

Jonas Brother — supergünstige Fan – Artikel hypnose_samadhi (Günter Schneidereit)

@KelseyA who better to help him deal with a broken heart than a Jonas Brother? Or two? Or three? :p – by agirlnamedfia (Planet Fia)

bella: ure pale white and u sparkle .i know what u are. edward:say it ….out loud bella:ur a jonas brother ….. #epictweetsby lilroms (romijn enninful)

Bella: "You're a Jonas Brother!" Edward: "No! I'm a vampire!" Bella: "That was my next guess.." #vampiressuckby EvaVisch (Eva)

Jonas Brother — supergünstige Fan – Artikel konsumtipp (Sina )

omg did you hear? i'm dating a jonas brother, he's so hot *-* EU VOU FALAR ISSO UM DIA, AH SE VOU MUAHAHAHAHA- q – by julianaaasantos (Julianaaaa :D)

@PaaCarolina so com os JBB (JONAS BROTHER BOYOLITAS) ahahah – by KingLebronJonas (Jonas Silva)

Photo: fancygentlemen:The awkward moment when you realize that a Jonas Brother might be turning hot….. undiesaddiction (Undies Addiction)


@BieberGomezx3 Oh My Gosh. &' I'm Dating The Jonas Brother Chick.(; Keep You Little '@justinbieber' – by xYourLoveBug (Jonatic/Selenator,(:)

@pacarvalho Você não é Jonas, mas é Brother! ;D – by Hullopallosa (Jordana Lopes)

Jonas Brother — supergünstige Fan – Artikel krafttierorakel (Sina)

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Jonas Brother

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you don't like jonas brother, justin bieber ? follow @guinavarro_by guinavarro_ (Guilherme Navarro)

j'ai eu une periode zac efron ,jonas brother et maitemant j'ai ma periode JUSTIN BIEBER mdr et je compte pas avoir une autre periode mdr – by BieberorBeadles (tiffany)

Awwww on the bus home, just put my head on my brother's shoulder thinking it was Jonas…ahhh psd :(by rachespratt (Rachel Spratt)

i really heat lady gaga and the Jonas brother's [Like it? ] – by paramore_H (My secret lover ♥)

@KevinJhasSwag ha! i love dani she's beautiful i want her to be my sister! im asking for Ghd's, jonas brother tickets and eclipse :)by J0EJONASfans (anna evans)

No I'm not a Jonas Brother, I'm a grown up…No I'm not a virgin, I use my cojones – by xJessxThexMessx (Jessie)

@xYourLoveBug OMG DID YOU HEAR? I'M DATING A JONAS BROTHER… Well No. I'm dating @justinbieber. 😉 – by BieberGomezx3 (BieberGomezLove.♡)

Iya… Ditunggu y ga pake lama ada embo jgRT @raymondrandy: @zoltanrenaldi ha ? Sapa tuh ? Jonas brother kah ? … zoltanrenaldi (Zoltan Renaldi)

@zoltanrenaldi ha ? Sapa tuh ? Jonas brother kah ? Wkwkwkwkw.. Ama sapa aj lau ? – by raymondrandy (Raymond Randy)

I'm A Jonas brother fan. but sorry, I've never heard that JB = Jonas brothers. – by BiebsOwnTwiter (BәʟiәвәrsOwnTwittәr)

I know what u r, say it, ur pail, you dress fancy, & you abstain from sex, ur a jonas brother. NO, IM A vampire! well that was my 2nd guess. – by Kaythekat (Kay Switzer)

seriously what the hell was going on with Dan's hair.its curly.hello its Gossip Girl not Jonas Brother. – by mywooyoung_ (jang izzah )

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