Jupiter 2010

jupiter janvier 2010
Jupiter 2010

Jupiter sunset over Los Christianos (LX3)
Jupiter 2010

Júpiter – Octubre 2010
Jupiter 2010

Cool Animation of Europa orbiting Jupiter – by Emanuele Baldani in Sep.2010.
http://j.mp/gpZDOf #astrophotographyby TISAstroCam (TIS Astro Cameras)

Star of Bethlehem may have been caused by movement of planet Jupiter, scientist claims: By Richard Gray, Telegra… http://bit.ly/gUPgnVby churchnewspaper (C of E Newspaper)

Jupiter Melody Alkaline Water Ionizer & Water Filter System with .01 Biostone Filter Review http://goo.gl/fb/TlCyXby queenannechairs (Iva T. Dan)

Park City – Jupiter Inn: 6th and 7th night free http://bit.ly/eXM46pby oscsnowboarding (OSC Snowboarding)

Park City – Jupiter Inn: 6th and 7th night free http://bit.ly/f8tZogby oscskiing (OSC Skiing)

#Mercury #square #Jupiter: Wednesday, 22.12.2010, 00h57m07.23s UT at 25°20'49.0''r #Sagittarius – 25°20'49.0''d #Pisces #astrologyby daily_astrodata (Robert von Heeren)

Auf der JUPITER Website gibt's jetzt die Links zur ausführlichen Video-Doku über das Finale: Mit Ausschnitten aus… http://fb.me/LykvxRpeby artis_music (ARTISMUSIC)

http://blog.jupiter-palladium.com/2010/12/88/ Merry Christmas! Now read about people who don't like Christmas. – by bespectakate (Kateness)

Stripes are back in season on Jupiter: http://bit.ly/eT0rG3 via @addthisby Vrillon68 (Bruce Jones)

Wednesday, December 22, 2010
Jupiter and Uranus are less than 1.5 degrees apart. Look for Uranus to the northeast of Jupiter with binoculars – by opticsonline (TechnoPro – Optics)

*Very* nice amateur #astronomy animated gif of Jupiter http://bit.ly/grFGcrby kashfarooq (Kash Farooq)

あらやだ、まさるさんったら、キッパリを指摘されたからって、サッパリに切替えるなんてw RT @onoderamasaru: カーナビより正確です!サッパリ! RT @sleep_sheep2010: ひょっとして方向音痴ですか…?RT @ jupiter_jupitel: – by gebu43 (三部貢司)

カーナビより正確です!サッパリ! RT @sleep_sheep2010: ひょっとして方向音痴ですか…?RT @onoderamasaru: なして?普通にやりますよ?僕の性格と行動パターンを知ってますよね(笑) RT jupiter_jupitel: – by onoderamasaru (小野寺まさる)

Couple (Sapporo Autumn Fest 2010)
Jupiter 2010

Jupiter 2010-09-12
Jupiter 2010
Jupiter Biostone Filter – .1m Biostone Regular Review http://goo.gl/fb/vE7WRby storageracks8 (Letitia M. Turner)

#Mercury #square #Jupiter: Wednesday, 22.12.2010, 00h57m07.23s UT at 25°20'49.0''r #Sagittarius – 25°20'49.0''d #Pisces #astrologyby robertvonheeren (Robert von Heeren)

A shadow is encroaching on the Moon from the left. I'm reminded of scene in #2010 (very apt!) where monoliths "eat" Jupiter#LunarEclipseby Trillian_01 (an cailín cainteach)

Things from 2010 that you probably forgot about: http://jupiter.kamfjord-it.no/~wheelman/Saxguy/by danbruno (Dan Bruno)

: The Star of Bethlehem: Was it Jupiter?: In the year 2 B.C., the strange motion of Jupiter past the bright star… http://bit.ly/dQ6uZOby IndianAyurveda (IndianAyurveda )

[Pac-10] Alex Jupiter and Carli Lloyd Named Honda Sports Volleyball Award Finalists http://bit.ly/dZ8s5Lby volleyballvoice (April Chapple)

#Jupiter #sextile #Toro: Tuesday, 21.12.2010, 05h06m26.81s UT at 25°15'32.4''d #Pisces – 25°15'32.3''d #Capricorn #astrologyby daily_astrodata (Robert von Heeren)

#Jupiter #square #Icarus: Tuesday, 21.12.2010, 05h17m46.27s UT at 25°15'35.3''d #Pisces – 25°15'35.3''d #Sagittarius #astrologyby daily_astrodata (Robert von Heeren)

#Mercury #square #Jupiter: Wednesday, 22.12.2010, 00h57m07.23s UT at 25°20'49.0''r #Sagittarius – 25°20'49.0''d #Pisces #astrologyby daily_astrodata (Robert von Heeren)

USC Women's Volleyball Player Alex Jupiter Named 2010-11 Honda Sports Volleyball Award Finalist http://bit.ly/gDjiHoby volleyballvoice (April Chapple)

Jupiter in Pisces <3: http://constellationmag.squarespace.com/imported-20091218082948/2010/12/20/jupiter-in-pisces-the-eclipse.htmlby ConstellationNY (Constellation Mag)

@Poncholate http://www.envivoonline.com/2010/12/ver-eclipse-lunar-total-en-vivo-desde.html Parece que el hombre fuera a llegar a júpiter – by bloglacabezag (JotA)

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