Katy Perry Kiss

Kiss / Hiro at the Maritime Hotel / 20070910.10D.45797 / SML

a beach kiss

@tjoet78 Hahaha okay! kiss :-* – by VANESSA_L_H (Vanessa Hernández)

@Girloftea Buenísima canción! "you give me fever, when you kiss me, fever when you hold me tight". Güenos días Miss Tea! – by JackaGlamour (Rojita Grinch) a link to U-Kiss interview…!!! @93MYYZA #FIRSTKISSby UKISSmeNET (U-kiss Me Network)

Tôi đã đăng 5 tấm ảnh trên Facebook trong album ảnh 101210 U-Kiss @ Tokyo [News Photo] UkissHARD (U-KISS HARD)

I just took "You and Justin have been best friends since you were li…" and got: Part 25 **Springwater Lake**! Try it: HeartBieberXOXO (JulianneBieber)

Just took "which super junior member is going to kiss u ? " and got: lee donghae! Try it ➔ ilovehaemin (Aiden & Vincent Lee)

"@Kappaleestyk: This blister should go jor… I want to kiss la"kiss? Where blister do U̶̲̥̅̊ ? – by pweetienikkie (Iwuh Nkechi Phillys )

untuk pertama kalinya maen technika 2 lagu BJJ – First Kiss rekornya perfect play xD – by mizu_d3 (Donni Ahmad Pradana)

Kiss pants for men and boys! #firstkissby PantsPeople (Pants People ®)

RT @ukissfacts: RT IF U PROUD TO BE A KISS ME #FIRSTKISS 😀 – by XanderLeta96 (luv_archie90)

@mayawelstead No! There's a subbing team for /everyone/ but U-KISS ;__________; – by drivetheocean (Kelly)

RT @UKISSfacts: RT IF U PROUD TO BE A KISS ME #FIRSTKISS 😀 – by Jeje_dubu (Jasmine Salsabila~)

Aku adanya lobang… RT @Kartikapury: Pegang tongkatmu RT @msrahmat: I wanna kiss you every minute, every hour, every daaaayyy!!! – by msrahmat (Asteria Rahmat)

Bokeh Kiss

Royal Price Alfred Hospital Christmas kiss, Sydney, December 1944 / Sam Hood
Gws my teacher :) RT @bebekobek: Gws my mom *bighug&kissby tipopss (Tipop Siti Hariyati)

Menantikan #FIRSTKISS bulan Oktober nanti ^-^V Indonesian KISS-MES are u ready for U-KISS? – by dinatsupika (Dina Alfia)

MMM ep 9 subbed!!!!! OMG YES ELECTRIC KISS!! <3 ok have to stay up late to watch, for now i'll just concentrate on my piano theory ~_~ – by Ringringz (keyring)

ZEROの『Just feel of you.I feel for you. Only you give me the will to live. Can't you picture me,or touch me,or kiss me?』で最後に『Please』ってくるのがなああ – by xxxkuruka (はるの@Pixiv)

#nowplaying Shotgun Kiss (Vegas Palace) – Hidenori Shoji – [F-ZERO GX/AX ORIGINAL SOUNDTRA No.11] fdscaaa (fd-s-caaA)

#mentalplay: Missy Elliot – Kiss my window (I can't stand the rain) – by GabeXR (Gabriel Barba)

Just voted U-KISS for Most Improved Artist at the #allkpopawards _tamafioso (Alice M.アリツエム。(/^^))

I'll send you a picture let you know I miss ya girls send me a kiss I cant wait to see ya #npby FozAlRifaie (Foz AlRifaie)

She doesn't want to kiss too many more frogs – BrainiacDating (Lawrence Chernin)

@iamhayanna enjoy very much! It was able to meet U-KISS and was very happy♪ Kiseop is so lovely *^-^* all member is so cool!!! – by Mickeychayurin (ちゃゆ)

Tyrion felt the cold kiss of steel beneath his chin – by LatashaObrzut27 (Latasha Obrzut)

RT @alexander_0729: YUP! We finished our ″Zepp Osaka FIRST KISS″ concert today! Had soooo much FUN w/ our Osaka KISS-MEs! ^-^)b Domo arigatou gozaimasu!♥ – by SweetEllise93 (Princess Ellise Lee)

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