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Self portrait of a kiss

Kiss me back jare RT @lilgaga_: O_o" @HUGOverified: @lilgaga_ *mwah*" – by HUGOverified (♣ HUGO Umu-Nwanyi ♣)

Photo: Woo. You make me wanna kiss your cheeks. For real. ChubbyWooYoung (WooYoung Addicted)

#THATSHOULDBEME holding your hand #Thatshouldbeme makin you laugh #thatshouldbeme felling your kiss [Like it? ] – by zheepearl (♥Zhee Zhee-Pirilyy♥)

RT @HeavyBeliebers: #imagine Justin:I'll be your hero. You: You was that before I fall in love with you. Justin:I know and your my princess. *kiss you softly* ♥ – by LiiiKE_E (gυєѕѕ ωнσ ? ‘єℓу )

Her lips, her lips,
I could kiss them all day if she'd let me.
Her laugh, her laugh,
she hates but I think it's so sexy. – by di_farias (Diego Farias)

#ifihadsuperpowers i would take her to the moon and kiss her all night long – by yayanguy (brian martinez)

More specifically they can kiss my a** hole – by IheartGlo (Glo)

News: Lex Wohnhaas' Debütroman "Kiss Lounge" als Hörbuch Sonic_Seducer (Sonic Seducer)

i like kiss the radio~~ – ##yososexy live on vivian08music (vivian)

@cakejjy edc1965 smnthsai emily_mann1 RT MarsRaps: What an Epic First Kiss! lol… very classy. LittleCBeadles jwde_lyhic (elsy madison)

RT @ukissfacts: RT IF U PROUD TO BE A KISS ME #FIRSTKISS 😀 – by RaachelChoi (Rachel Goh )

RT @KissmeSecrets: Kiss Me's follow @LoveXanderUkiss .. New fan base and new member of our family ~~ Big Kiss Me Family^_^ #firstkissby leiontwill (Leion Twill)

RT @randomluvquotes: I'm want a guy who will run up to me & kiss me in front of his friends and say 'This is her, the one I've been telling you about'. – by OMBdelena (Shawty Mane ♥)

Anthony Dad John & KISS Albums 1978 ’78 70s
@SimoneJonas jij zei.. Merry Christmas kiss my ass :'D dus ik zei LEKKER :'D – by xShennaLa (Shenna)

RT @HeavyBeliebers: #imagine Justin: I would buy you a TOWN and put a child in front: >[ur name]'s HEART!< I would never leave this TOWN! *kiss you romantic* ♥ – by LiiiKE_E (gυєѕѕ ωнσ ? ‘єℓу )

RT @Kou_Turah: Tee looks nice in her bbm icon @TeeTooSweet « stop kiss my ass ..We are not friends .. Starting the day u said u was gon call – by TeeTooSweet (Teyneil )

@nashcol MrsArcher2307 Ilovepopmusic RT lavishabits lol hug and kiss my ass X&O hakne121j (agustin bacon)

Kiss kiss @aditadx jg :* 😀 RT @VAYAshivalaya: Spasibo ocen balshoi ya @aditadx atas segala perjuangannya buat hari ini!!!!! Kiss kiss :* – by marianirmala (Maria Nirmala)

RT: @carolinajacob esse #firstkiss nos TTs me lembram uma música:My first kiss went a little like this,and twist,and twist ♪ HAHAHA ~>É MEMÔ – by jpaventura (✖ Andressa Ventura )

I remeber my first kiss *-* haha :$ – by natiiloveyou98 (natimywrdlsacustic)

@Badokz não, ouvi ela no tumblr. badassmath (Matheus)

#FIRSTKISS i love U-KISS so very muchie… :') – by pinku_no_kame (Emily)

Haha gr10… Kiss ma ass… I murdered u – by Homz101 (Tshepang)

RT @sarah7511: U-Kiss ranks No.2 on Oricon Daily Album Chart Congratulation ^-^ #firstkissby UkissBliss (Julie Woods)

@BiebersCondom no 😮 i mean i always wanted a boy as my buddie! but what if he wants to kiss me or like this? :/ i dont know hahaha – by sexmebiebsy (biebers-shawty♥)

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