Kiss / Hiro at the Maritime Hotel / 20070910.10D.45462 / SML

Kiss / Hiro at the Maritime Hotel / 20070910.10D.45415 / SML

Kiss / Jeffrey Hurant + Hector G / 20070824.850SD.IS.0612 / SML

Seriously. Kiss me fool. – by xMothersenBU (ಠ_ಠ)

im so sick im breathin outta my mouth to survive……a KeriMel Kiss would make me feel better…**side eyes @MissKeriBaby** – by KeriKrew_VA (Brittany)

Hug cody kiss cody marry cody :)by Cody_Rocks (Cody’s lady )

kehabisan film buat ditonton, playful kiss uda, ada rekomendasi ? – by viantamaraa (vivian tamara )

@ukisskorea zepp最高だった。@ukissSHがイケメンすぎて最初誰かわかんなかったよ。 @dongho94は相変わらず可愛かった! @90KKBが泣いた時はほんと感動。あんなまじかでU-KISS見れて本当よかった。U-KISSチェゴ。オリコン2位チュカッヘ – by Kui1012 (Shi Tian Kui)

#Random #IHateItWhen ppl kiss me on the cheek. 9 times out of 10, its wet. #gross .SB** – by shaiinabaiina (FiirstName LastName)

@ekaafs Playfull kiss ka hahaha. – by carinaoctavia (carina octavia)

vou saindo, tenho umas coisinhas pra fazer, mas de tarde eu volto ! kissby gaaabrielag (Gabriela Gonzaga)

@Love_FanG_FFK haha ok <3 kiss and good night ! 😀 – by Emily_BJF53 (Simply Emily ♥)

@Diamondrabbit Yes .. Hey I go again .. I was happy .. See you .. Have a great night .. Kiss kissby KLY85 (Lee Yen)

Time to sleep…lovely mornin…and new horizon can kiss my bloody ass…makin me fret for nothin…*Hiss*…i love u @phranklyn_…later! – by lilacGMsCoitus (Funmilola Ogunshina)

@LuvISLuv8732 kiss mine first lmfao – by harlow_venable (DonetVenable)

@tiyayjw0323 うふん。わたくし、小さい頃から、駄菓子や。禁止だったの。KISS! – by yakusinyorai (薬師如来)

KISS Concert in Montreal – Kiss Alive 35 Tour

+ Kiss kiss
Got venom dripping from my lips know who you're about to kissby Itss_Megan (Megan ♥)

Lmao my first kiss went a little like this & theen twist . – by ashleyybiebeer (Ashley ferreira .)

@OhTerrilynn more than welcome but really u could get a kiss wit them sexy lips u have on u yea yea I'm flirting early dis morning lol – by dgreentrp (DGREEN)

กรี๊ดดด! กึนซอก >.,<!!! — Jung In & Mu Kyul – Kiss me // Marry stayed out all night ♥ AU via @youtubeby Bjuame (Bum)

@soufsidemobstaa AgemaSupercamp RT MarsRaps: What an Epic First Kiss! lol… very classy. LittleCBeadles Don411_gfm (fredrick maynard)

@TiaraNicole reply my dm plz :) love ya tiara nicole very love you so much and more and more and moreee :*** kiss and hugs – by littlecsyarah (selena marie gomez )

I LOVE U-KISS ! #FIRSTKISSby LeaMorales_0416 (Lea Morales)

Dimana chaaaaaa??? Titip kiss dong ! :p RT @ooochaaa Subhanallah dpt rejeki liat irfan bachdim ♥.♥ – by eghaegho (Mega anggun sartika)

RT @KingRyen: RT @SolangeMariaa: (…) kiss my blackAss ¦ javaan met zwarte billen =l * ja ik wel leukk he :$ – by SolangeMariaa (Solange)

"And then we kiss
Your love comes alive on my lips…" – by LincolnAG (Lincoln A. Gomes)

"I’m living the future, so the presence is my past, My presence is a present, kiss my ass" – by BIANCA_CAUTION (Bianca.Super.Bitch.)

RT @Shontelle_Layne: I had the most touching wonderful moments with my fans at my Dots in-store signing :) Thanks KISS FM Milwaukee & @dotsfashions! #NoGravityby dotsFashions (Dots)

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