Lost Valley waterfall

Lost Camp 12

lose and find

Im Soooooo Lost LOL – by ashleywhite93 (Ashley White)

EU TE AMO :) @Biia_sb And he told me 'have no fear! You're not lost, you're here!' Walking this Christmas down Santa Claus Lane… – by itscaique (Caíque)

#2010Memories the first one was a nightmare to my family, on 1-11-10 I lost my cousin Lester Jones Jr, he is still missing still to this day – by Lil_Pimpin_ (Brandon O’Neal)

I lost 0 followers cause I am awesome, but if I did I would have known thanks to http://who.unfollowed.me #whounfollowedmeby _Retnow_ (Retno)

@theDee_Jay yo post a link so i can see the fight im lost homie lol – by Daveatrillion (D A V E)

I just lost 5 followers. All of them were bots , ha – by monstermilla (Kami ~)

In the last 7 days, I lost 12 followers and I caught them all with http://who.unfollowed.me #whounfollowedmeby _Retnow_ (Retno)

@Nas x @DonCannon x @CookinSoul Lost Tapes 1.5 -> http://t.co/yWNeI8j via @ThatHustleby THMV (ThatHustle.com)

#in2010 I lost one of the only men in my life… My daddy. :( #RIPDaddy I MISS AND LOVE YOU. – by ChocolatePumps (ErickaMissLady)

@julieg6169 I seem to have lost my voice: & am a bit weak & wobbly. But TOUCH WOOD a little better than last night. – by arrroberts (Adam Roberts)

Lost Oneee … – by CallMeSwizz (Nonee’Yaa , !)

@SinaGrace Somewhere is very skippable. Aimless without the (limited) charm of Lost In Translation. – by AshcanPress (Ashcan Press)

I think I've lost my christmas spirit forever. *kanye shrug* – by tianamorenike (Mz. Tiana-Morenike)

Lost in the system
@RumblewitdaB lol u said u lost most of your hair ooh damn – by Idealprototype (Malik )

@swiper_5 its ringin a bell . Lol
hmmmmm . .DM me ur number cuz I still a little lost . Lol if I saw ur pic maybe it wuld help – by xO_DirtySOUth (Laura Narcisse)

RT @OhMyNickJay: Because when I was lost, they told me to Turn Right. When I was about to lose faith, they told me to Hold On…<3 #JonasForChristmasby JBiebsShawty1 (karlie)

Looks like @phibblet has finally lost it . – by FauxLime (Faux Lime)

RT @disneywords: When I felt lost and lonely, not a dream in my head, your words lifted my spirits high. (cont) http://tl.gd/7mig9mby NurulRY (Nurul Rakhmayanti ♡)

Better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all. – by Become_Inspired (Omarion_M)

….seen as Ive lost half my livin room 2 presents think its time 2 go 2 bed & wait 4 the stupid o clock wake up call! Merry Xmas every1 xxx – by patriciaking16 (Patricia King)

@HardOFFMadison I lost half of them by trying to sync my contacts into my computer lol fml – by GottaEatt (Rezzzzzz )

lol just played a game of war with my mom, her friend, and my sister, i lost all 3 rounds 😐 – by Mindless4Bieber (SWAGGER ღ♥ღ)

2010 I lost Gary I miss u Gary 2011 for u ily – by kierraBoss (kierra brockington)

RT @OhMyNickJay: This tweet is for every broken heart, for every lost dream, for every high and for every low. This tweet is for YOU. #inwordsofnickjonas <3 – by ReginithaOMJ (★яєginitha★JonaS☆)

Bcuz of you I lost a mfa dat was here through everything!! Bt ur just fine n urs dnt kno shit at all smh #daslifeby Mr_Kodak_PC (Lawrence Chamberlain)

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