Water Melody

Melody of Doves

Melody Cleaners #1

So Soothening is My Flower to the Spirit as an Unheard Sweet Melody….


@soulwindow Lmao! Her names are music, melody, harmony and lyric…4 relationships keep me busy, lol… – by Dondiegonline (DonDiégo )

最近your my melodyばっかきいてるな…。 – by unitvxq (うに)

is listening to 별처럼 by 태연 (SNSD) ,더원 (The One) ,, ahh~da melody so sweet :)) – by mintleaf1993 (★sumeiqi★)

Ping でSPLAYのAFTER THE MELODY ENDSに「いいね!」とコメントしました。 #iTunesby cross_pray (リヒロ)

說 Though I love the melody and arrangement of Red Moon, I dislike the lyrics. fcamel (fcamel)

@spiral_melody オプたんただいまにゃ~♪ – by kagetsucross (火刑月・ロザリア=クロワ)

My Melody hsmt (橋本 正徳)

@snapcracklypop I love My Melody! Sanrio FTW! – by Tujuh_Lima (Queen F@timah)

RT @ThisDamnQuote: Knowing a person is like music, what attracts us to them is their melody, and as we get to know who they are, we learn their lyrics. – by kilo_minati (grace carter)

@kitty1melody それわぶらっくですか? – by spnv6yh (mico★.)

@prfekrdumbrella Nice to tweet with you again – Take Care Melodyby america1patriot (American Patriot)

You're My Melody or Happy Together? D: – by shashazmi (Sarah Azmi ★)

Melody nya keren – by satriarasyad (satria putra pratama)

Melody vicously hit me in the head with a bat during het turn to hit the pinata! She's dangerous. – by JacobGorne (Jacob Gorne)

Okay my meal came with a My Melody watch with the wrong time :) snapcracklypop (snapcracklypop)

Sythnizer Melody [Like it? ] – by azisrockeet (Azis Is Rockeet)

@kayuramutaさんがカリンバで「世の中を明るくするコトバ」を光と音で表すと… Melody Start☛ #vaio_assistby kayuramuta (Yuka Tamura)

@akshaykumar honestly,sheela ki jawaani is not at all melody in it.Vishal-sekhar disapointed.u and katrina,d saving grace of the song – by shoves2010 (souvik das)

yeah harmony to melody [Like it? ] – by prilsays (Aprilia Wulandari)

Algo más agradable? El 69 Lovesongs de The Magnetic Fields… un "gotta get" #nowplaying My sentimental melody #soymaricayque 😀 – by jimenaonearth (JimenaOnEarth)

Speaking of, does drake have the same melody, tone, n octave on every song he 'sings' on. Even da adlibs are predictable. Love u no more… – by PhyshaP (Physha P (PPF))

Lost in a melodyby Avizzpon (Vizzzpo)

@legendarybeatz yeah no doubt fam, ima still send u dat melody n shidd I jus got caught up – by JDaHitmaker (J Da Hitmaker)

If I walk away and just let you leave, you'll be stuck in my head like a melody. – by AbbeyMatibag (Abbey)

@melody08mayumin 楽しませてもらったよ~。明日は仕事で見に行けないけど、とりあえず春の選抜が決ってホッとしてます♪ – by kobatomotomo318 (tomo)

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