Steampunk at Burning Man

The Silent Man

Lawnmower Man at Hidcote Manor Garden

Denna skoldag har handlat om att förhålla sig till döden. Nära till gråten hela tiden, men ack så nyttigt! – by hobbyoriginell (Erika)

@bernayeah hahahaha -____- gua udah liaty yg parody men -__- geuleuh hahaha – by MOJOJOJOOO (Muhammad Adi Prasojo)

RT @funnyoneliners: "Caution – Men at Work" Women work all the time. Men have to put up signs. – by sakers70 (Susan Akers)

Tjoho! Har öppnat årets första julklapp. En ask Paradis. Var tänkt att farmor skulle fån men blev så jäkla sugen. #brakaraktärby Friskluft (Friskluft)

Real Men Fart RT @jadawinehouse: Real moth fat! RT @NychAintShit: Rub My Feet! RT @QB3Sixty5: #RMF = Rat Mouth Face – by NychAintShit (Virgango )

RT @Sexstrology: Men have two emotions: Hungry and Horny. If you see him without an erection, make him a sandwich. – by TheReasonIs (Book Snow)

Great deal on 'Casio Men's G9000-1V G-Shock Mudman Digital Sports Watch' by Casio watches555 (Gill Swinton)

Do not worship and serve things men create, make it your thing to worship and serve the Creator of men! – by Jacob_Steinberg (Jacob Steinberg)

Cheap Dypel High Tech Waterproof Black Luxurious Looking Ski Gloves for Men (X-large) Shopping: Cheap Dypel High… ricaoon (ricky)

@windypramudya Kok nggak adil rasanya klo nulis #JakartaMaghrib utk koran Bandung he3. Gw gak mau men-Jakarta-kan warga Bandung 😀 – by anggarulianto (angga rulianto)

RT @mat_johnson: Boardwalk Empire is good, but it's no Mad Men. Give me the glory of subtext, in all its literary glory. – by GR_comics (Gabriel Rodríguez)

Online Senior Dating for Singles over 40! Find Mature Men and Women for Friendship, Romance, Love and Relationships! Kat1e_Simpson (Katie Simpson)

Slick new mouse from Microsoft. Wonder how it handles? nickthiel (Nick Thiel)

Old Man’s Sheep

Unidentified Man
@Gesen japp… Men sen dog den av annat fel :p – by Gordonandersson (Gustav Andersson)

Pang engken men? Kden ci bolu! RT @shakesakha: Emg ga ad . Org aku suruh ngecek aja RT @VeraYasinta: Ga ada dm (cont) VeraYasinta (vera yasinta gandhi)

Lol RT @gregslim: RT @3asyOnTheEyes: I don't think it was intended for WOMEN or MEN to be hoes (cont) 3asyOnTheEyes (Excellante’ !)

@lissnup they're like men, lost but refusing to ask for directions, certain they know the way :p – by rtorres (rt)

@ikaveri Advise to Men Bra makers: If you can't celeBRAte your status, at least be cereBRAte about it. Dont make women suffer. – by dremtee (Madhup Thakur)

Halah suwe men ;D RT @shantindut: Beuh wait for me laahh lek drinking drinking .. RT @agaisa: (cont) agaisa (Miss L)

LMAO RT @SNN_headlines: Terminator, X-Men, Thunderbirds Voltron and Power Rangers all in critical condition after … Lim_Lim17 (halima )

Want to host a drive for Star of Hope? We always need NEW socks and underwear for men, women or children StarOfHope (Star of Hope Mission)

Gotcha, haha RT @Sexstrology: Men have two emotions: Hungry and Horny. If you see him without an erection, make him a sandwich. – by DindaDinyol (Adinda Augustiarini)

belom nih masih minggu depan, mau pulang ke bali nih aku men 😀 RT @lovableMANDY: @yesianggita udah nggi hehe knp ? km ? – by yesianggita (Yesi Anggita Sari)

Every time we open our mouths, men look into our minds. ~Anonymous – by greatquotes4u (Lawrence D Bland)

haha kabeungeutan security RT @dimandimon: Ke d aman keun ku urg RT @nileemwas: wess men, OK men moal aman di upi wkwk RT @diby nileemwas (Retno Nilam Waskito)

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