Man with the spirit of his deceased second wife

Man with the spirit of his deceased first wife

Man with the spirit of his helper

I uploaded a YouTube video — TOYS 4 MEN rowlandxxx (桐島ローランド)

White Men can't jump. #Classic movie! [R]T] this if you agree – by ProducerHitmann (Producer Hitmann)

they say in Cincinatti Ohio women roll blunts better than men do. Any truth to this ? – by kushouse (Kush House Ent)

@LinneaErwander Bara till min yngsta bror. Män är definitivt svårare,
men jag vet inte ens vad jag ska köpa till mamma :(by ElisabethHern (Elisabeth Hernqvist)

#makesmeirish Irish Men :)by HeatherLawson_ (Heather Lawson)

Casio Men's GW3000B-1ACR G-Shock Solar Power Black With Orange Dial Watch (Watch) newly tagged "watch": … celebritytakeit (celebrity take it)

I hate when grown ass, old ass men feel like they gotta play with my son! *looking for mace* >:-/ – by _PardonMyBack (»»»LickMy_Twit«««)

Tenkte jeg skulle la være å tvitre denne uka, men føler behov for å klage litt på varmen fra speilvendtland HanneHR (Hanne Hafver Rønjum)

Ngaruhhh bagi gue!! RT @andzaaar: Ga ngaruh men,mau bokap lu,kakek lu,atau sekalipun Nenek moyang lu gangaruh!RT (cont) ajenggkw (lestariana kanthi)

タンクトップ:1位:2010'秋冬 SUNSPEL(サンスペル)Q82 タートルネック #5131 【Men's】
2位:迷彩タンクトップ・ミリタリーカモフラージュROTHCO米軍IN #yaplogby dkj1128 (dkj1128)

@crilleandersson @laddabollen Okej,så här.Det är@laddabollens fel!Han typ "ää skit i det"Men skit i han, jag har väntat i 3år på den här dan – by rormokaren (RTFlanders)

Just saw delivery men lugging "heavy" boxes..bollocks-bet they were filled with just styrofoam! – by stephenjupe (stephen nemanja jupe)

-____-" RT @friskalenarian :"> RT @gitatiko yoyoyo baseng lah RT @friskalenarian iyolah, masih kecik jd dio ngironyo macem-macem. cb men la – by gitatiko (gita atiko)

Men and women make efficient operating teams on riveting and other jobs at the Douglas Aircraft plant, Long Beach, Calif. Most important of the many types of aircraft made at this plant are the B-17F (“Flying Fortress”) heavy bomber, the A-20 (“Havoc”) as

Men and a woman reading headlines posted in street-corner window of Brockton Enterprise newspaper office on Christmas Eve, Brockton, Mass. (LOC)
mampusss lo yannn ahahaha RT @augydwvr @ryanamrs apaan sih yan, tolong ya tolong jangan frontal men -_- – by avindalazuardy (avindaaaaaaaaa)

RT @LatestInBeauty: Advent Calendar Giveaway day 10! Win a Kyoku for Men luxury gift box worth £95. Follow & RT to enter: barbmerv (Barbara Edwards)

Lwkmd RT @SNN_headlines: Terminator, X-Men, Thunderbirds Voltron and Power Rangers all in critical condition after … bobobash (Bobo bash)

Peyi a leve jodi a pi kalm ke ye men, lari yo sal tankou yon kote ki te gen ge. – by freddyservice (Carl Frédéric)

@adderk mmmm men lite dans har jag nog kvar i mig 😉 B!TCH – by blameitonkiki (Christina Najm)

When we heard your men approaching, I thought us doomed for certain – by RoxanaSub2645 (Roxana Sub)

RT @SNN_headlines: Terminator, X-Men, Thunderbirds Voltron and Power Rangers all in critical condition after trying to seperate Eucharia from her makeup bag – by Headphones91 (Headphones 91)

RT @funnyoneliners: "Caution – Men at Work"

Women work all the time.
Men have to put up signs. – by ItsVijayhere ( vijay)

RT @TEDNews: New #TEDTalk from #TEDWomen, just released tonight: Tony Porter makes a powerful call to men AnaLoback (Ana Loback MBPsS, MA)

man needs women,women needs men..why can't we deal with the idea that yes,regardless of anyhing we do need each other,like seriously!! – by ShadrinaSahidu (Shadrina Sahidu)

wow, är förvånad att ha en paus på fyra timmar, men glad är jag ändå! – by selmafeki ( Selma Feki)

good morening, i like my ever increasing list of new followers 😀 love you guys #nohomo tuh di men *WINK* tuh di girls – by Moziah3rd (Moziah Carrington)

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