2008… Rideau… !!! :)))



Richard I of England – Wall painting in Acre, Israel


Ehem~ RT @adigunatp: @Ichapanee lg ol msn ca? – by bamalifiantoo (βαМα λІί£ίαňţō™)

@Ichapanee lg ol msn ca? – by adigunatp (Adiguna triputra)

History buff plans bus tours of WVa coalfields – Travel – MSN CA: Coal Heritage Trail: http://www.wvcommerce.org TrailReviewer (Jeffrey Tottenham)

Lady Gaga Goes Pants-less In Paris crusaders14 (Ashley Caulkett)

RT @8ebz: Nostalgia anyone?—16 Best Toys of All Time – Lifestyle – MSN CA shawnmihalik (Shawn Mihalik)

Lackluster 2011 Canada housing market seen: Scotia – Money – MSN CA EdgeOnHomes (Ian Johnston )

Nostalgia anyone?—16 Best Toys of All Time – Lifestyle – MSN CA 8ebz (Belinda)

16 Best Toys of All Time – Lifestyle – MSN CA
What a great list of classic toys… brings me back to my childhood! – by newmanjennifer (Jennifer Newman)

Christmas Memories: Alex Lifeson and Ron Sexsmith SteveMcLean1 (Steve McLean)

Un policier déguisé en Père Noël arrête un mafieux sicilien – Actualités – MSN CA Méchant Père Noël :-)))) – by jocelyne53 (Jocelyne Choquette)

Procréation assistée – Un marché noir du sperme – Actualités – MSN CA Ho-Ho-Ho !!! Joyeux Nowel !!! – by jocelyne53 (Jocelyne Choquette)

Par contre la meuf m'a dit de l'ajouter sur msn… Ça passe moyen là – by J_o_h_ (Johan Ratellin)

16 Best Toys of All Time – Lifestyle – MSN CA duanefrey (Duane Frey)

Jardin de fer

Violon Stroh I
@EmilieEileen Moi aussi msn ça me gonfle ! On se sms alors ? – by GodCharli (Charli)

The only New Year's resolution you need to make if you want to lose weight in 2011 –  Lifestyle – MSN CA: via @addthisby willhold (david wilson)

e agora to no msn ca minha prima HUAHAUAAU trinco demais com ela '-' – by sharonlucheska (Sharon Lucheska)

Sécurité des produits – Les produits antibactériens dans la mire de la FDA – Science – Technologie – MSN CA lismoi (Julie Marcotte)

16 Best Toys of All Time – Lifestyle – MSN CA lsleider (lsleider)

TO CANTANU BEM LOKA NO MSN CA @BRWBS FLWS AE – by _thaiscarool (Thais Caroline)

Explosions hit Chilean, Swiss embassies in Rome – News – MSN CA craigdh (Craig Holmes)

Full WikiLeaks cables found: Norwegian paper – News – MSN CA craigdh (Craig Holmes)

Obama hoping for low-profile Hawaiian vacation – News – MSN CA: Obama's holiday wish: Keep low profile on Hawaii… anniekara (Annie Kara)

@LL_Laura c'est ton msn ça ? – by LOurMovie_Sky (Heaven)

Ski passes offered at Ottawa library –  News – MSN CA LASSAgency (LASSA)

To no maior papo no msn ca Mary An. – by diccozanela (Gustavo Zanela)

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