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“Condense soup, not books” – Project 366 2008 – August 10, 2008~
Not Book

Playing with books 3
Not Book

15 early Birds at the Personality Not Included Book Breakfast
Not Book

“these are not books…
Not Book

Personality Not Included Book Signing – Scottsdale, AZ
Not Book
Sure why not. Its a great book @starandbucwildby CefAllah (CantExpecFavors)

@RunSqueezyRun I love it too, for running not driving. Having a ball. Posted lots of photos on my face bookby NimbleRunner (Stephen)

@jessicamarie904 OMG! You must be freezing, I bought the book yesterday but I'm not sure I'm gonna make it down there 2day:( – by iHeartMilan (♪AIESHA MILAN♪ )

@Leadershipfreak – Hey Dan, just arrived at the same conclusion in a book my team wrote at the end of our MBA. I could not agree more… – by ceciliogouveia (Ricardo Cec. Gouveia)

@TheMenace hmm, @jeff_larmarche's book is recommended. I've heard good things about, but not read, lukeredpath (Luke Redpath)

Yeay, found a book at home tht I've not read yet.. Ms_JamieLee (jamie lee)

gonna read a book. Is there anyone who gives me recommendation for the books written in English? Not like the one written about Gandhi. – by 00nightcafe00 (nightcafe)

Selling my mucous stained tissue on ebay,its not to be sneezed at,big thankyou to bob monkhouses joke book for that last gag? – by Coxy25 (Steve Cox)

@alharazy ah I'm not on the book therefore clueless to what must be a herd of annoying FCB fans who make even me nauseous #fairweatherfansby HamadBRN (Hamad Al-Khalifa)

@AnnMroz Agree though need to clarify 'Financially poor' not 'rubbish at book learnin'' – by Mister_Roy (Roy B.)

I didn't eat anything since I woke up from sleep which is like 12. Cz I can't stop reading the last book. And I'm not even hungry right now – by imanadhirah (imaηadhirah)

It's great having friends in the Movies although the film is not YET completed I have seenWHAT happens 2 Harry Potter,still I read the BOOKby JINX2001 (jinx2001)

I have the feeling you don't believe me about the book but in a part it does mention not to drink coffee trading it's a euphoric – by Bertromavich (BertromavichEdenburg)

Christopher Columbus was Polish, not Italian, claims new book, and kept his identity a secret: Cannabiz_US (Canna Biz)

Christopher Columbus was Polish, not Italian, claims new book, and kept his identity a secret: Arancini_NL (Arancini NL)

Christopher Columbus was Polish, not Italian, claims new book, and kept his identity a secret: Eigghousesale (Shore Cottage Eigg)

This book i am reading aint making sence…with my debtors breeding down my neck…free me people, tuesday is not over. – by wissy4u (wise obicheozo)

"Pop music is not born. It is *made*." – Chris Rojek in Pop Music, Pop Culture politybooks (Polity)

Jared Leto thinks he's the cat's meow. Not in my book, Jared dear. – by KDknowsbest (Stephanie Powell)

I'm interspersing reading my book and playing scramble. Huzbah will not be impressed as I beat his high score on his login. Ooops! – by VaVeros (Vassiliki Veros)

@thisisfelita do not try just open book go fast through book 1,2 seconds per page and smile with a goal in mind and see what happens – by wushunikolas (Nikolas Maricic Wolf)

@bellie7 Yes… I am not good with cold, want to curl up couch with book but can't … work awaits.. – by Marissa_ROOB (Marissa)

I got mail this morning. It's a book!! I though it's Michael Jackson Treasure book but unfortunately, it's not :(by FikaRockWithMJJ (Rafika ℳℐℐ Amalia®)

RT @4NDarlington: The countdown begins…8 days to go, fantastic networking at Walworth Castle followed by some exclusive training! It's not too late to book! – by LisaHesler (Lisa Hesler)

I write on the computer, but I also use a Steno book for writing as thoughts come to me when I am not at the c… – by who_internet (WHO INTERNET)

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