Oh Hai

Oh Hai

oh hai
Oh Hai

OH HAI and ♆ΞⓁ☪▼♏ to the HipsterHaus®…
Oh Hai

Oh hai, Taylor Swift, is this song new? I'm pretty sure I've heard you sing this song, like, three years ago…. – by wheeitskristap (krista)

@EmilyLoubie OH HAI. BRIGHT EMILY. Haha xx – by rcrmn (Ross Heale-Whittle)

@mdelfs Oh hai. This is Paradox. You guys still doing TNT? – by ctcwired (Paradox Wolf)

@gLeek_ oh! dopo che mi hai fatto il mignolino vedi cosa ti succede se non continui sul serio uù – by _godbless (Perla)

Oh hai @russmp & tiff! (: – by s2Cristina (Cristina Marie)

@siddev18 oh aisa kya..fir theek hai :)by preetidhingra (Preeti Dhingra)

@Simo3 oh cavolo mi hai risposto! aww grazie grazie grazie! :'D haha come stai Simo? <3 – by LilyUs5 (Lily Taylor Gilliesϟ)

NO.YOU. — OH. ITS. YOU.hai? http://4ms.me/fzjJn4by xVampKittiex (Tania Kittie Evans)

Oh look! It's @bradpharvey's bus. Hai brad! http://yfrog.com/gym3odjby roooney83 (James Fiander)

Oh hai, Hundar from Realm is following me – by SwagginCrow (Jordan Crow)

@anitaroisli oh hai! – by camperrr (Lasse Henriksen)

Photo: distressbride: http://tumblr.com/x9i12ajk6pby AzraStarlessSky (Azra * Cassiopeia)

Oh hai. In teh beginnin Ceiling Cat maded teh skiez An da Urfs, but he did not eated dem. – by jaydogrut (Jason Rutledge)

Oh Hai

Oh Hai
@MeganBoley OH HAI! I can napz in ur fluffy restraint baskit? – by michelevgreen (Michele )

Oh hai ther kitty – by gAuLth (Gabriel Grommeck)

@bomberman61 "It's bullshit, I am not married. I am nhaaaaat. Oh hai, Mark." – by frankenroc (Frank)

oh, l'hai già detto. MA NON è VERO CAZZO! çç – by xxsheshoping (she’s Chia ♥)

@MelodyBoulevard d'oh! dai ele, pensa che siamo all'inizio, hai tutto il tempo per recuperare! :) io vado, ci sentiamo domani :)by Leo__xD (Leonardo)

@BlueEyed_Owl hai and oh my god dfkjnfje0ifu3 092ru28fweijf k http://tinyurl.com/23f6axnby escapeyourworld (leyla odd-sock)

@beca_FFI_RFH OH HAI! We love you too <3 – by FightingForIth (Fighting For Ithaca)

kimmayyx started following you – OH HAI! http://tumblr.com/xar12afsecby CorruptOne18 (Chris Guy)

Oh, hai! – by pcelamed (beremed zuja)

Photo: ilessthan3cats: http://tumblr.com/xxn12aeu0nby barbara0coelho (Bárbara Coelho)

Oh hai, "Anthony Saves The World" episode 3 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AMGUWyc2cO4by inzyster (Tommy)

@VaneeMraz OH HAI :) jaguar yu? – by paola_cp (Paola Castillo)

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