Red Velvet Whoopie Pies

XBRL coming-out party http://ow.ly/2BEGz

Ow.ly Social Bar 2.0

ow.ly problem

All frequencies broadcast-this could be bad if you’re following too close: Request feedback job app http://ow.ly/fiZd IRT http://ow.ly/fiZk

dear ow.ly

As many of you have seen, we will open our first satellite office in #Detroit next year. http://ow.ly/3qT9o #patent #trademark #usptoby uspto (USPTO)

Plea on behalf of little brown bat: http://ow.ly/3qMhE #bats #whitenosesyndrome #BU @newsdayby USFWS_WNS (White Nose Bats)

myfavoritebeats.com Can theses young girls f off I need to get my nails cut and coloured. I'm gonna be here forever … http://ow.ly/1auVE4by BetterBeatz (Just Better)

Hoje é o Dia hein?! THE CHAMBA SIDE OF THE MOON No Bomber Rock bar (Recife Antigo), R$ 10 as 23 hrs… http://ow.ly/3qYBl Vamoai?! o/ – by HominisCanidaee (Hominis Canidaee)

CSUSM plans to reconfigure three existing colleges and school of nursing into four colleges http://ow.ly/3qWtCby calstate (calstate)

#FF party shoes under 0: (here! http://ow.ly/3qVvG) @ASOS @DSWShoeLovers @urbanminx @TorridFashion @Nordstrom @Rachel_Royby glamourdotcom (Glamour)

-How do you make more money online with affiliate marketing for the same effort? http://ow.ly/3qTzhby _HappyKids (Happy Parenting)

RT @HillsofAfrica: There's never a time an Africa safari isn't on our #wishlist! From our most recent safari http://ow.ly/i/6tdj #FriFotosùby 1step2theleft (simon falvo)

Yet another NorCal meetup – 3rd time in 3 weeks at the same place ! NorCal folks like to cosplay ! Tomorrow in San Jose http://ow.ly/3qXm3by cosplayamerica (cosplay in america)

Jana McCool: Mortgage Interest Rates Are Rising Now In Austin, TX http://ow.ly/3qWrGby IRE_Blogs (Inside Real Estate)

What's the Best Age to Claim Benefits? And How your benefits are affected if you continue to work – http://ow.ly/3qUhJby WiserWorker (Amy Hoster)

-How do you make more money online with affiliate marketing for the same effort? http://ow.ly/3qTzbby ForexWealth4All (Vamadeva Ramakrishna)

Undo! Undo! Facebook apologizes for glitch: http://ow.ly/3qV3C | RT @TweetSmarterby neweraSM (John & Emily )

Chatting with Podcaster Tsuyoshi Adachi of #PCBC. Audio: http://ow.ly/gQJC

中古の3G iPad、どこかに安くないかな。 http://ow.ly/2KZNI やはりWiFiによる位置情報だけだとカーナビは無理。GPSつけて欲しい(Bluetooth経由のGPSはどうせダメでありましょう
Printers, 3D Camcorders and Accessories for 1 cent shipping – http://ow.ly/3qWGfby GiltHome (Gilt Home)

Those Crazy Kids and Their Mobile Devices: Latest Nielsen Survey :: http://ow.ly/3qRKRby nicholasdaigle (Nicholas Daigle)

The #emoticon: Created by Scott E. Fahlman, to make it clear what was funny on CS online bulletin. But it's taken over! http://ow.ly/3qSfNby DellU_NY (DellU – New York)

RT @MythBusters: Explosive Escape High Speed from the @GreenHornet Special. Can you say b-i-g b-o-o-m in slow motion? http://ow.ly/3qZ4vby ai4ri (Charles Blackburn)

Planning on getting fit this January, why not give yourself a jump start http://ow.ly/3qTFmby MediaEden (Media Eden)

-How do you make more money online with affiliate marketing for the same effort? http://ow.ly/3qTzeby wealthtoall (WealthToAll)

Is an #Aerotropolis in Florida's future? Chamber of commerce recommends expanding Florida airports for job creation. http://ow.ly/3qTFeby JohnKasarda (John Kasarda)

You've never heard #Christmas tunes until you've heard Karnie Christmas! @karnieshttp://ow.ly/3qXBcby naptownbuzz (Brian Groce)

Zealous Tron fans make their own Tron gear RT @youtube http://ow.ly/3qYigby SlateViral (Slate V)

What’s the point of “Enterprise RIA” – some really interesting video interviews http://ow.ly/3qXILby AdobeSPP (Adobe SPP)

PolitiFact 'Lie Of The Year' award goes to… 'government takeover of healthcare' http://ow.ly/3qZ1v #obvious #fbby onnycarr (Onny)

Si on refaisait Noël avec les médias sociaux ça donnerait ça : http://ow.ly/1rY7f0
Joyeux Noël à tous ! – by Brahms_Yaya (Brahms yaya)

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