Marrakech people (Morocco)


Two Surfing Teens try to see how close they can surf to each other before colliding – laughing and having the best time. People scenes, on the beach on Morro Strand State Park just north of Morro Rock in Morro Bay, CA. 23 August 2009

People Mover System @ Changi Airport, Singapore

People in the dark

An omnipresent path for blind people

@mattrhodes crazy PR people that never actually used it until it opened up to non-college students.. 😉 – by MiChmski (Michelle Chmielewski)

RT @IamGQ9378: #ThingsILearnedIn2010 … SAVE YOUR MONEY!!!..there's better things to do with it besides buying things to impress people who don't matter – by reason313 (Monsta W/O A Sponsor)

People Are Wrong About Dana White – Watch Kalib Run: Ben Pittsley is a 1-0 MMA fighter from Massachusetts. He's … UFC_Updates (UFC Updates)

And people say cats aren't fun rosieswash (rosie swash)

@hellohahanarf Because people hate photos of themselves. – by burghbaby (burghbaby)

RT @barackobussa: #IHaveNoRespect for people that dont respect themselves” – by ThaGreatRyan (Ryan)

all these famous people repeatedly complaining about their flights being delayed b/c of weather – we gotta help these poor, embattled souls – by suicideblonde (Suicide Blonde)

The surest way to reincarnate into a particular group of people is to hate those people. – by DrBrianWeiss (Dr. Brian Weiss)

The professional world is some small shit…last Thursday night I met this kat that knows a gazillion of my people including @joebriggsesqby 11Zette17 (Zette v. 2.0)

RT @TWlTTERWHALE: #iHaveNoRespect for people who make promises to change on New Year's Day. If you sucked in 2010 you will suck in 2011. – by funyam (Sanyyam)

Its sad on the amount of people I talk to that only have a High School Diploma… – by TheyKallMe_Twon (Antoine)

RT @RachaelFaunce: @Boogiemania Lol! They need to chill out. The people need good music and your music is bangingggggg!! – by CYMANDYE (CYMANDYE AKA LADY C)

for In-Home or Office Spa Package for Up to 20 People from SPAzazz Traveling Day Spa (5 value) GrouponOmaha (Groupon Omaha)

Inside the People Eater

Drunk People Do The Darnedest Things!
@RoloAT yessir people don't know the story and that's cool they will know 1 day tho! – by mrstartchoosin (Jeffery Lipscomb)

"To become an American citizen, we require people to read, write and speak in English. That is to help them to… ProEnglishUSA (ProEnglish)

's goal for Today: Put a Smile on People's Face!! – by GregoryDuJuan (GREGORYDUJUAN(tapez))

i wonder if people will ever stop using corny cliche phrases like "don't try this at home" or "houston we have a problem" – by picklescoffee (Pickles & Coffee)

37% of people are Cancers, 40% are Scorpios, 50% are Pisces and 20% are Aries. RT if you noticed this is fake because it equalled 147%. – by JDrewIsWhatIDo (the cowbell.)

The Aurora Health Care Foundation supports our mission of helping people live well. Your donation extends our reach. Aurora_Health (Aurora Health Care)

@iAdoreUddlovato we will not give up :) demi must know even people in Asia, supporting her – by nadiahXORawkIT (sharifah nadiah)

@rtwflights Cheers. I found people sharing jokes with strangers, everyone elated. Couldnt see for cloud at 1st, but then it parted. Amazing. – by vickybaker (Vicky Baker)

RT @TWlTTERWHALE: #iHaveNoRespect for people who make promises to change on New Year's Day. If you sucked in 2010 you will suck in 2011. – by YeahHollywoods (♄Hermione J. Granger)

RT @warrenellis: I'm a traditional leftie. I believe in education, equality, and sending people I don't like the look of to Siberia. – by SonniesEdge (Charlie Owen)

@stoplibs Thanks for the Great People #MilitaryMon #SOT mention – by Book_Donkey (John D. Kittles)

Some people make me LAUGH. – by AidenFans_ (AidenGrimshawFans)

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