one of THOSE people

Egypt: People

Dilated Peoples

To people of Haiti ( Scroll down )

Cat People

People with flowers in their head

"Facebook makes you hate people you already know & Twitter makes you love people you've never met."~ Unknown #quote #Facebook is for LOSERS! – by DannieGercak949 (Dannie Gercak)

#ihavenorespect For the people that lack creativity and seek towards others for #swaggby suckmythoughtss (Sunny Ransom)

#IhaveNoRespect for racist peopleby ImAGrownMan85 (Respect Me)

@mission_mcfly yeah but it's not really nice to annunce all these dates AFTER many people bought tickets for the UK tour =| – by _FutureGirl (Chiara.)

RT @vesselproject More people are troubled by what is plain in Scripture than by what is obscure.
Roy L. Smith – by padre969 (Steve Turnbull)

Can't believe people fought over Justin supposedly dating Selena. -.- Its not your choice who a celebrity dates or who they're friends with. – by xSweetBerry (Elissa.)

I don't think people appreciate how HILARIOUS my tweets are. Those @gemko-parodying capsule reviews of 80s cinema the other day? Cmon, guys! – by ExtAngel (Glenn Kenny)

RT @rbndvd: people say you don't know what you've got until it's gone but the truth is, you knew what you had, you just thought you'd never lose it. – by MrsJBreezyCena (JessW)

RT @JASHLEYhasSTDS: Demi Lovato's REAL fans – dont defend the people who have caused Demi pain. Please remove that disgusting leaked picture from your accounts – by BiebsLovatoUK (Guess ;))

@skbootstweet: will giveaway 3 Boots for to people randomly who retweet this message when our followers exceed 2000, pls tell your friends – by dianetowin (Diane )

All 5 shows were sold out! over 3500 people went to the production! Thank-you Fredericton! – by MikeAllanBraven (Mike Bravener)

RT @TommyTenney: "People often say that motivation doesn't last. Well, neither does bathing – that's why we recommend it daily." – Zig Ziglar – by MissHope1908 (Hope Ellen)

This december 19th was spent with my favorite band and people. Last december 19th i met @ghero46. December 19th is my day I guess. <3 – by AlumniMichaela (Michaela Kramer)

Altaic People

Ant People
@roryoung there are not doing a brilliant job. They are telling people to check with airlines but airlines are waiting for @heathrowairportby milkpublicity (MILK PUBLICITY)

RT @JustGot2Belieb: @katiedcz honestly, people these day have no common sense what so ever. – by katiedcz (Katrina dela Cruz)

why is there so many pathetic people in this world?! – by starbuckslovex (❝♡❞)

We Live For The Nights We Can't Remember With The People We Won't Forget :) TChristinex3 (T.Christine’ :) )

RT @fikrianna: RT @dessskris: #ihavenorespect for people who do not respect other peopleby puspangelia (puspa angelia)

@TheRealQuailman some people say the cucumbers taste better pickled! – by TraysThatGuy (Tray Cheatham)

Chicks Digg My Hair 95% Of The Time The Other 5% Is From People Who Just Want Me To Cut My Hair… – by _MichealKnight (Life,Kush,Money✔)

#ihavenorespect For People Who have No Respect Kristen Stewart And Robert Pattinson. – by kelsiniel (♥roвѕтen вelιever♥)

@itsthelexie but the past 7 years that we are living here, we never knew who the hell are the people there and what their names are. so… – by beasubido (Bea Subido)

It doesn't matter how badly you paint so long as you don't paint badly like other people. –George Moore – by MaryLouisePenaz (Mary Louise)

don't know why people are tweeting #jaythebabe & i really don't care. it's true so ima tweet it. – by kerrieTWinky (kerrie mcguiness ♥)

RT @wintarsitowati: if some people said that they never saw me angry, it didn't means that i couldn't do that. I just didn't wanna do it in public area – by lusianau (Lusiana Ulfa H)

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