The old “cut the polar bear in half” trick!

Polar Star

Berlin Zoo: polar bear knut 15.936.09

I know for certain #Pisces aren't "crazy" or "Bi Polar", and only called such by those reading and believing every horoscope online! #Shameby AllAboutPisces (♓All About Pisces♓)

"funny thing about trains; it doesn't matter where they're going. what matters is deciding to get on." wisdom from the polar express – by lilmissjen (Jen Beio)

I'm as wore out as a mood ring on the finger of a Bi-Polar person… – by AEveland25 (Aaron Eveland)

@KatJohanna well, it's like the polar bear said: you can't finnish if you don't start! – by jackassworld (jackass)

How much does a polar bear weigh? – by Pepmyster (noreena nevarez)

Povo no RS, dia 21 estou por aí viram? Vamos marcar aquela cerveja que só tem por aí!!!!! #polarby MarccellaBerte (Marccella Berte)

RT @EpicTweets_: The awkward moment when the polar express pulls up infront of your house…. #epictweets. – by oliviajones22 (Olivia Jones)

*Inhales slowly & waits on this anxiously* RT:@iweatheronline: Article on Polar Low potential on Saturday on the way in 5 minutes #IWOby FraffieB (Frances Byrne)

@thatcrazykevin o.O CHECK YOUR DMS AND GO PET A POLAR BEAR. – by RissaIsNinja (larissa.)

@SlypigJeff No regarding the polar bears too. Hope you don't have a tie like that, and I'm INADVERTENTLY hurting your feelings… – by cynthiawebster (Cynthia Webster)

I want a pet baby polar bear *pokes lip out* – by RAE_LxO (Rae L)

He just came back from rite aid! =/ he got me my depakote…. Bi polar meds… Needed a refill. Haven't taken them in a while. – by teamminajmtv (✔Verified Account)

@PRODUCTO todos los de Polar #MejorComercialby SOFIAZUPKUS (SOFIA ZUPKUS)

Polar Bear, St. Louis Zoo

Polar Mesospheric Clouds at Orbital Sunrise (NASA, International Space Station Science, 06/16/10)
RT @KNZBned: Bekerfinale a.s. zaterdag in A'dam Sloterparkbad! 15.30 Dames: ZVL – DONK |17.30 Heren: Schuurman BRC – Polar Bears #waterpoloby AZCAlphen (Electrolux AZC)

RT @KNZBned: Bekerfinale a.s. zaterdag in A'dam Sloterparkbad! 15.30 Dames: ZVL – DONK |17.30 Heren: Schuurman BRC – Polar Bears #waterpoloby Grasyerba (Robert H. Gras)

@Pietra_peixoto eu fico parecendo um urso polar.k – by Vinne_David (Vinicius David)

There's a polar low heading our way. No idea what that is but think I might need a thermal vest for it. – by GradySays (Claire Grady)

Arctic seals listed as threatened by climate change; polar bears get critical habitat designation http://bit.ly/g19H2Bby ClimateSciWatch (ClimateScienceWatch)

@JaimeLovesDC Now I want hot chocolate….thanx polar express!! – by janlin (Just Janlin)

@RissaIsNinja OKAY. HAYLEYS LIKE WHY ARE YOU LAUGHING IM LIKE *looks up* POLAR. BEARS. – by ThatCrazyKevin (Kevin Gleeky-Potter)

Just sat on the coldest toilet seat EVER!…now I know how a polar bear shitting on a seal feels! – by Mind_Mouth_Wow (Brandon C)

that's how a polar bear would eat them – by CharMumford (charlotte mumford)

The Polar Express with @Dave_Fulton9 yeroooooo – by TheGazzz (Gary Moran)

Polar Bears Are Awesome…Don't Mess w/Them. Beautiful PIC: http://on.natgeo.com/frLvavby openthink2 (Mark B)

@Sissi_Vargas yo a Paris…pero a saber si ire por la ola de frio polar que dicen….se supone esta horrible ashh – by Dedecrazy (Delia Molina)

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