poodle in peril

pink poodle

1954 – Old Gold Smoking Poodles

@Chantelle_Penny LOOOL one of a kind poodleby LSW92 (Laurel White)

@piggypotamus HAHA XD poodle<—laughing~ – by laydeebutterfly (nani)

RT @SMOKIEtheDon: I want a puppy =(.. ( me too let's get a toy poodle) – by KeshKiyomi (Kesh)

"Negative Dialectics of Poodle Play was on the bookshelves of the house Thornton was then sharing with Angelina Jolie" http://bit.ly/gdvULEby retrousse (Stephen Troussé)

RT @rosaalberti: @nathalyalberti , pra Meg Ryen , nossa #poodle, que dormia :"O q fooi, bb?Tá com uma cara de amassaaadaaa…" o__O – by nathalyalberti (Nathaly Albertí)

Vintage JIM BEAM Tiffiny dog Poodle Decanter 70s Collectible http://shop.ebay.com/360328269801 Awesome 99¢ Auction my✘treasures #ebayby KaliMarcum (KaliMarcum)

RT @PUPDogRescue: Read @DawgBlogger post abt R Jerry "Adopt Jerry, Blind & Deaf Sweetheart" http://bit.ly/g9D5D8Adopt @KellyWA #poodle @PetProsFriendsby mom2rescues (mom2rescues)

I have a poodleby JohnThomasHagan (John Hagan)

carregando uma cachorrinha poodleby mylenatakahashi (mylena)

Nashville: Gorgeous standard poodle Silver female. for adoption 1 yr old – 0 (Westmoreland) http://bit.ly/dFM8lA #eBC #Petsby eBC_Pets_S (eBC Pets South)

Ewwww, my feet are disgusting they need to be like pampered like a poodle. – by Love_MattCardle (Phoebe Barker)

MY TOYY POODLE IS SUCH A LOAAFERRRR!!! -_- #mygaaashby LauraLoveLaugh (Laura Donolo)

こんにちは!新着子犬情報です。トイプードルのレッド♀11/15生(鹿児島) 詳しくはhttp://poodle.breeder-direct.net/ をご覧ください!by breederdirect (ブリーダー直販.NET)

In Poodle We Trust

you can take these poodles anywhere. the best rings ever.
abs dari Pet Distro dan skrg kepengen punya anjing Poodle!!! – by abcDEVINAiueo (devina.amelia)

@rob_rag_poodle 家近かったらね…うちおいでよ!とか、どっか行こかー?て言えるのに(;^_^A – by emi_rama (emk)

A gente vê cada uma.. Um poodle macho todo pelado.. Que ridículoooo! Tadiiiinho.. #FATOby pri_raquel (Priscilla Raquel)

@JonetteJordan I'm definitely going to 3 of them. I'm riding solo so I need to be very responsible:-) Toy Poodleby drwjohn (Higher Learning)

Poodle & I are heading to class! #dogtrainingby BikeTherapy (Wendy)

@FedarroSexyAsst I'm going to add M•A•C's poodle pink to it. It's still really dull. Like the cheap lipstick you get a Christmas for – by beautifulstorm (BeautifulStorm)

#Imagine Justin:[yn] has the prettiest hair in the world! Jasmine: i thought i did? Justin: NO your hair looks like a poodle laid in it xx – by BiebsCream (3 Sweet Beliebers ♥)

RT @ShawtyMane3D: #Imagine Justin:[yn] has the prettiest hair in the world! Jasmine: i thought i did? Justin: NO your hair looks like a poodle laid in it xx – by love_JB (Danica Barber)

@jodyms waaaaay too late for that.He has been entertaining that hussy poodle with my plastic all year! – by JamieLindsay (Jamie Lindsay)

YouTube – Christmas party with Toy Poodle dog Moka 長澤家の自宅 … http://bit.ly/h57cotby careerdvds (careerdvds.com)

My son just said "this is a poodle stick!" (he meant pogo stick) – by krmoss (krmoss)

Three new dishcloth patterns are coming soon to my shop. There will be chicken, poodle, and dino. – by ezcareknits (Easy Care Knits)

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