Prince of Wales in Germany sees a Zeppelin (LOC)

Princess Aspacia, Prince Christopher and Dowager Queen of Greece (LOC)

[Portrait of Wesley Prince, Oscar Moore, and Nat King Cole, Zanzibar, New York, N.Y., ca. July 1946] (LOC)

[Portrait of Oscar Moore, Nat King Cole, and Wesley Prince, New York, N.Y., ca. July 1946] (LOC)

Prince William – Crown Prince, King Sweden at Olympic games (LOC)

Diamonds and Pearls with Prince and LaLa Hathaway!!! U know… Jonesmag (JONES Magazine)

#cablegate WikiLeaks cables: Thai leaders doubt suitability of prince to become king #wikileaksby GdnCables (Guardian WikiLeaks )

New Music @KanyeWest ft. @TeyanaTaylor and Cyhi 'Christmas in harlem' TEYANATAYLOR (TEYANA M.J. TAYLOR)

"I'm just tryna get back to Philly, where the ground stay still, and the people move"-Fresh Princeby tmore321 (Tim Morrell)

@Avisnigra67 Escribió la más emocionante historia de amor y un canto a lo femenino.Le Petit Prince;esa maravilla.
#zorro ;D – by itziarochoa (itziar ochoa)

Adrian tash aka prince is a rawer mannnss – by sharammm (sharam nemani)

Mani and Prince have the funniest accents…Scottish-Indian accent it's joke!! – by d351d1v4 (Sarabjoth Kaur-Singh)

My subconscious is brutal–its latest tactic is comparing Prince Charming to #10 (not a good thing). Not that I disagree, but still…yikes! – by natnatkm (N K) @real_housewives is this confirmed by cat? – by faithlovechell (mscapeccia)

MUST WATCH ……. subhan ALLAH ….

!! –PriNce QaIs- !! friendxpoint (Friends Point)

RT @markmackinnon: Wikileaks cables say advisors to Thai King concerned w/ Crown Prince inheriting throne, pondering "other arrangements": stuartisett (stuartisett)

Maybe @UNB could do this? @UNBSU this possible? RT @CBCPEI No tray-loading at UPEI cafeteria RSeaboyer (Ryan)

I know, surely now you're fast asleep.good night my prince, I really love you♥☺ – by luluamalia (Lulu Amalia)

Prince Kicks Off 'Welcome 2 America' Tour: One is the fact that old school Prince songs remain pretty much witho… Katie9601 (Katie)

Prince & @smokey_robinson r da ONLY 2 artists that I can say are da ultimate package! Well my auntie @MsTeenaMarie comes close! Run Tell Dat – by MarquezG (MarquezG)

@prince2214 そうなんですか!! なんとなく湯葉って高級そうで…ww – by rin5725 (りんご)

@au_tomati_K tõ jogando kingdom hearts pq tentei passar prince of persia e não sai da intro… kkkkkkkkkkkkk – by linysinha (Lyne…)

Check out: "Prince William and Kate Middleton royal wedding plates"( ) – by devangraval14 (devang raval)

"Will Prince" – jennifer in reference to fresh prince of bellair. – by incrediryan (Ryan Williams)

RT @RollingStone: Prince played an "astonishing" show in NJ last night, says @RobSheffield. Read his review: minnescene (Minneapolis Scene)

@eskimo_eleanor watching half blood prince with glass of vino nice. and Jaime oliver on C4 tonight looks good nice n Xmasy lol. You? x x – by gedme (Ged Hepburn)

Who said Dope couldn't be downloaded??? #LIARS
The New Album from INSANITY-Prince Of Darkness-Lp #SOLIDby Insaniacs (T.O.D.D)

@prince_atom そですねー。今は院より就職考えてるので就活頑張ります!自分に合う企業見つけないと。それではおやすみなさーい!ぬいぐるみあったかいよー♪ – by morinofukuro (森のフクロウ)

Live: Prince Does The Hits (Well, Some Of Them) At The Izod Center… npny (New Power New York)

Tôi thích một video trên YouTube — Prince– Do Me Baby FMichaelJackson (Mr z3rok)

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