Samsung Wave

Samsung Wave Bada
Samsung Wave

Samsung Wave Bada
Samsung Wave

Samsung Wave Bada
Samsung Wave

Expense Tracker 1.0.7 now ready for download in Samsung Apps! | #bada #wave #samsung #appsby BadaForums (Bada Forums)

Bambuser releases a free LIVE video broadcasting app for bada! | #bada #samsung #waveby BadaForums (Bada Forums)

What does everyone think of the new badaforums logo with the ship in the background? Let us know your thoughts! #bada #samsung #waveby BadaForums (Bada Forums)

@sreeragnk Even for Samsung Mobile's own bada plarform (On Wave) 'the story' is not different! BTW I didn't buy Wave because it's 'Perfect'. – by answerguy (answerguy)

Samsung Wave II S8530 now on sale on Flipkart Mobiles for Rs.18,999/- – modibimal (Bimal Modi)

RT @neoadrian91: Bada App Reviews | Pool for Samsung Wave via @badaappreviewsby divakarlasrini (Divakarla Srinivas )

@katarara trid nya samsung wave :) aitody (Adityo Wibowo)

RT @ArturCalandrini: @GhJoao e o samsung wave? – by ghjoao (João M. )

Yea mum brought a new samsung wave 525 for me haha now using it to tweet hehe – by teoyanrong (Teo yan rong)

Samsung Wave S8500: via @addthisby phonepress (phone press)

@GhJoao e o samsung wave? – by ArturCalandrini (Artur Calandrini)

Vendo um Samsung Wave com 2 meses de uso restrito. – by DJArkron (Glauco Vasconcelos)

3- you can also win the new Samsung Wave 525 Smartphone. – by ADKFilmSeries (AD KoreanFilmSeries)

Samsung Wave Bada
Samsung Wave

Samsung Wave Bada
Samsung Wave
@CaroldeHickmann ashuashuahsuahs' não , é Samsung Wave . – by Milynha_Souza (Camila Souza *-*)

@Niniakiwi Samsung Wave, recién adquirido =D. Sistema operativo nuevo pero bonito y bueno ;-). – by rauluar (Raúl Boza)

Dear Santa, please, can I get Samsung Wave 723 and an iPod Touch for x'mas?
Nazhura Anuar from Singapore. – by SmileyVictoriaJ (Nazhura♔ )

FULFILL! Somebody looked for samsung wave 525 contract costs 160 financing_guru (Mandy Jones)

@_xLouisex At the moment testing a Samsung Wave out, but I am an HTC man. Love the desire – by ukrandomranter (Ran Dom Rants)

Selling loads of stuff on ebay – including a Samsung Wave Phone Hailee_Bacardi (Hailee Jefferson)

vandaag zit er weer op,goed gegeten bij #etenstijd in Tilburg een aanrader nu even aan klooien met mijn samsung wave en dan oogjes toe – by trickster63 (Rick)

anyone know what the price is from the headset from the samsung waveby Djaleesa (Djaleesa Haurissa)

#bada LiveCast Mobile – потоковое видео Live для Samsung Wave BadaPortal (Bada Portal)

Estou com um Samsung Wave nunca usado. Alguém quer comprar? – by edg4ry (Edgar Yamaguchi)

SAMSUNG S8530 WAVE II TOUCHSCREEN GSM CELL PHONE roberrt9873 (robert gardner)

@Jeannelok el samsung wave ^^ un cambio muy radical por que el que tenia antes era un nokia 5310 XD – by AkimaAki (Inma)

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