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The Project of the Month page for openQRM

openQRM is Project of the Month

@TeamCBAfrica1 alidaBreezy (Alida Brown)

@spunkedy phimuskapsi (C Knapp)

@pradeep2005s Try this: also check Let me know if you need any other details. – by kshameer (Khader Shameer)

@iolarah Sorta doable with this: aethelred_axe (Aethelred Axeblades)

MUTE delicious50 (Delicious Over 50)

Leuk, #openmsx emulator van oude MSX computer! #nostalgieby wgoosterveld (Wouter Oosterveld)

Virtual serial port / rs232 emulator. Great for faking an rs232 connection in software: #rs232by dujoducom (Dustin)

Bringing down websites for dummies Konijnenburg (Ronald Konijnenburg)

For those looking for a good mind mapping tool Freemind is fully functional and free cfwhisperer (Mike Brunt)

RT @nimaa: First Gift from @manipixel in action: Green Download Button. – by mort3za (Mort3ZA)

Tenay Hankins OpenEMR: Topic: 501c3 non profit status and funding: Get Open… www.jointcities.orgby jointcities (alysyn curd)

I need help finding a name for my program: PrincessJinifer (Micah Butler)

RT @gramfort: ANN: 0.6 release of @scikit_learn is out ! Check out the changelog: ogrisel (Olivier Grisel)


Caja Reactivision
[E-devel] imlib2: Cygwin build patch wPerlnews (わかめにゅーす(perl))

RT @eyedeaLAB: Are you a photographer? Shifting to linux (ubuntu)? Checkout "Darktable" a virtual lighttable and darkroom for… RanaMajumder (Rana Majumder)

@grrl_geek Something I wrote a few years back so I could deal with MS-Access in a civilized fashion. – by zippy1981 (Justin Dearing)

Reverse Mortgages | Download Reverse Mortgages software for free …: Get Reverse Mortgages at … megkelley2010 (Eva Miranda) phpCodeGenie – Project Web Hosting – Open Source Software: junysb3 (junichi_y)

Just how Would You love to Receive a Chlorine Free Shower As well as Enjoy Contaminant Free Water? Jim2543 (Jim Mernard)

@juliebe_sunny à la place de delicious, j'utilise Semantique #Scuttle pronoiaque (BENDRIES Olivier) groovelastig (groovelastig)

[tcpdf] hfrzn created the Unicode/transliterated filenames artifact: hfrzn created the Unicode/transliterated fi… PCSG_DEV (PCSG)

Scuttle | Download Scuttle software for free at readelicious (Delicious Over 50)

what is the best xml java parser (have to unmarshall xml-responses & cannot stick to emf unfortunately)? jibx jaxb? … – by adietisheim (André Dietisheim)

ffdshow mad_jam (Mad Jam)

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