Spam Fail

USPS FAIL! This is one weeks worth of mail. 95% spam.
Spam Fail

LinkedIn: Events FAIL
Spam Fail

stupidest spam ever
Spam Fail

My followers always fail that test<–RT @ShaySoprano: If my new followers ain't spam then @ me.. Y'all look suspect 😉 – by FreshoXpresso (Bobby Bruno)

@BodyMarks I thought that was spam and closed it. I #Failby ChevyCowboyUSA (Jeffery Owens)

O Gmail considera as newsletters do Feedburner como… um caso de Google #Failby tartofs (RicardoR)

RT @Kromack: La newsletter des vœux de Google Adsence est passée dans ma boite à spam sur Gmail ! #failby Machoblues (Bertrand Espinguet)

Dear AOL,

Don't spam me with "marketing & what's new with AIM" emails & point your opt-out page to a for "AOL members only" page.

#FAILby sathomas (Great… Scott….)

Apparently the "Block & Report Spam" button on #Tweetdeck don't work. #FAILby Biz4Ever (Nobody Beats #theBiz)

Spam Fail ————> @THERESETHORPE78by DedannaRocks (Kim Garren)

Acabo de encontrar en mi carpeta de SPAM de gmail una cantidad de correos felicitándome mi pasado cumpleaños… #failby rafavargas (Rafael Vargas ♐)

RT @danielef: Gente dedicada a seguridad informatica que manda directmessages de SPAM #failby luistapia_ (Luis Tapia Aguilar )

@yorrickje OMG what a fail!! Follow me to discover more funny fail!: @DouweMC nee niet eens spam vandaag :p heb… MaisFail (Fail Man)

@yorrickje dat is meer fail dan spam :p check hem later wel :p en echt omdat ze zo goed kon zingen 😉 :p – by Douwemc (Douwe van Slooten)

@DouweMC nee niet eens spam vandaag :p heb wel zon gast in me timeline staan die 20 berichten achter elkaar naar rihanna stuurde #spam #failby yorrickje (Jorik van Onna)

Gente dedicada a seguridad informatica que manda directmessages de SPAM #failby danielef (Daniel Estévez)

Twitter Fail
Spam Fail

Track Spam through Email Adress
Spam Fail
Thank you for all your Spam tweets!! #Fail @NolaDrexel1281 @DestinyGatza164 @KarenzaPorter98by MissBlondTweets (Nathalie )

@pumpedlibrarian Yes, I always forget to select NOT to get solicitations. And now that I tweeted about an iPad, I have spam tweets. #failby MelissaCorey (Melissa Corey)

#vodafone scheint zu dumm zu sein ein "rufen sie mich nicht mehr an" zu akzeptieren… #fail #spamby tobi_pb (Tobias V)

BEWARE @Apperang is #Fail & a total rip off ~ Nice concept but not worth the time & trouble they offer STAY AWAY IT'S A SCAM & @spamby iGameCenter (TeamiPhone™ )

This is essentially my last semester to determine it since student teaching is pass/fail. Sorry for the spam! – by Scootles7 (Scott Ross)

Got a spam @mention that brought to my attention a previous @tmobile #fail. Still never got an answer about android 2.2 and I'm still mad! – by sharissad (sharissad)

@Esther8D omg o.O ik had net 1 keer gewonnen van de 4x DX en ik had 10 mailtjes,, allemaal spam #failby Jodiewashere (Jodie)

@fbanyai @balaoinfo faz 3 que eu recebo spam deles de coisas que nao comprei :) #fail #vergonhaby pasadenaguy (Mauricio Sessue Otta)

@thaisypecsen ah, verdade, mas já tinha mt tempo q eu tinha dado RT. =) e erm…. spam daquele jeito não rola… para mim é fail… – by mau_mesquita (Maurilio Mesquita)

Captchas being BITCHES + mum calling me for dinner = FAIL #p4a I'll be back as soon as I can to spam up some videos! – by RayRayPoopyHead (Raquelisha Snape)

Jeetje, krijg ik nu op Twitter ook al #spam  ?!! #failby __Arina__ (Arina vk)

@robertinhaCEC badoo é tipo uma rede social bem #fail. Marca o email como spam e viva feliz. É minha opinião. – by lucasdrb (Lucas Barbosa)

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