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Have you received your holiday gifts yet? We're giving away gifts as well. http://ow.ly/3okyfby speedbit (SPEEDbit.com)

@_MusicalMonster http://www.speedbit.com/video/facebook/ appearntly it works on firefox only – by stefaniefoster (stefanie)

@mystiblaze http://www.speedbit.com/video/facebook/by stefaniefoster (stefanie)

RT @speedbit: What did Time 'Person of the Year' candidates 'The Chilean Miners' download the most in 2010? http://ow.ly/3qaGAby sweetshill (shilpa Mundhra)

I use SpeedBit Video Accelerator to watch my YouTube videos it evens out all the glitches beautifully http://www.speedbit.com/by KarinaTrans (Khurram Aziz)

Cool news, video insights, and a crazy survey. What's your speed? http://ow.ly/3pErHby speedbit (SPEEDbit.com)

The holiday season is getting into full swing. That means gifts! http://ow.ly/3okyfby speedbit (SPEEDbit.com)

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